USD 410 Board approves bids for two out of tour projects

AMPI building and new athletic facility on hold for time being?

Unified School District 410 approved bids Monday for civil engineering and geotechnical services for two projects authorized in the June bond election.

That vote, which excluded approving those services for the transportation facility and central office at the former AMPI building, came after the board met in executive session with architects Kevin Helmer and David Riffel to discussion property acquisition.

?We need to discuss engineering bids,? Helmer said prior to the executive session. ?Otherwise it will slow everything down.?

Civil engineers determine the infrastructure for utilities while geotechnical services include recommendations for building foundations, Helmer said.

The firm Howard & Helmer does not provide those services, but will coordinate the work. The agreement is through USD 410 and must be approved by the board.

The bids?$14,400 for Baughman Co. for $14,400 and $3,000 Allied
Laboratories? will allow projects at the Hillsboro Elementary School
and the Hillsboro High School/Hillsboro Middle School to keep somewhat
on track, Helmer said.

Delays will have an impact on costs as well as scheduling sub-contractors, he added.

on the athletic facility at Tabor College has been halted because of
litigation. No additional information was available at the meeting
concerning the lawsuit against the district.

Doug Huxman, who officially begins his tenure as superintendent Aug. 1, facilitated the meeting.

superintendent Gordon Mohn had begun a discussion about options to
comply with the new law requiring each member district be at least 5
percent above or 5 percent below the mean population of all board
member districts within the school district.

Board members indicated they still preferred making one rural district and two districts within the city of Hillsboro.

Board member Mark Rooker was absent.

principal Dale Honeck was the only building administrator to give a
report to the board. He reviewed issues related to absences in his

Transportation director Keith Goossen reported on
vehicle usage for buses and other district vehicles for the past year
as well as a replacement plan for anticipated needs.

The board
approved his request to begin the bidding process for two new buses for
the upcoming school year. In other business the board:

■ reappointed Rod Koons as
board president and Eddie
Weber as vice president for 2007-

■ set the 2007-08 meal prices,
and student and textbook fees
the same as 2006-07.

■ reappointed Debbie Geis as
Marion County Special
Education Cooperative representative
and Eddie Weber alternate
representative, Mark Rooker as
TEEN representative, Rod
Koons as chief negotiator and
Dale Klassen as assistant negotiator,
Gary Andrews as
Professional Development
Council representative, and
Brent Barkman as Kansas
Association of School Boards

■ approved dues of $7,381 for
the district?s 2007-08 membership
in KASB and $1,100 for
participation in the organization?s
legal assistance fund.

■ approved the document
that outlined contract information
for classified personnel.

■ approved changes in the
district?s 403(b) tax sheltered
account plan.

■ approved a bid from Jantz
Construction to replace the
sidewalk between HHS and
HMS for $19,925. The improvements
include installation of
heating elements to eliminate
hazardous conditions during

■ approved payment of bills
that included legal fees for

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