Thank you to Penner

I want to thank Paul Penner for his insightful articles in the Free Press. I have to pay $50 per year to have the Free Press sent to me, but it is worth every penny just to read his articles, and to keep up on what is happening in Marion County.


In the Sept. 9 issue, he discusses, among other things, the “deliberate use of misinformation via loudspeaker by Rush, Jones, Hannity, Tucker and the White House media group.” There is a large segment of the population that believe there is a giant conspiracy among “the media” to take down the President.

There are over 50 national news organizations delivering print, TV, radio, and internet news to our homes, computers and smartphones, all independently owned and operated. These various news outlets are not in some gigantic conspiracy to deliver “Fake News.” What is true is that we all tune in and click on those sources that reinforce our preconceived ideas learned over time starting at an early age.

A vast majority of reporters are doing their best to deliver the news to us, many at considerable risk to their safety. What we do with it is up to us.


Thomas Jefferson said, “Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without liberty being lost.” I encourage all reporters, Paul included, to keep us informed, and I will continue to look for the Hillsboro Free Press in my mailbox each week (even though I could just as easily read it online).


Allen Suderman

Thousand Oaks CA

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