Planning Commission hears from public on variety of issues

Nearly 10 Hillsboro citizens showed up for the public hearing hosted by the Hillsboro Planning Commission on Thursday in city hall to express concerns they would like to see addressed.

Those in attendance raised issues with communications, street lighting, drainage and screening.

Gari Anne Patzwald said cell-phone reception in the Hillsboro area needs to be addressed. As an example, she cited a friend who had come to Hillsboro to visit. Their cell phone received service in areas all over the world, but not in Hillsboro.

Patzwald said many Tabor students stand outside the gas station.

?They are not there to loiter,? Patzwald said, ?but instead are there to talk on their cell phones because it is the only place their phones receive service.?

Another concern was street lighting in Hillsboro.

City Administrator Larry Paine said the city council is aware of the problem and is already planning to fix it.

Mark Pankratz and Jerald Unruh brought up the issue of water drainage in the city.

Unruh, who lives on the south side of town, said every time Hillsboro has a heavy rainstorm, water flows through his property and damages his fence, which he then must fix.

Elaine Lowry, owner of Rollin Homes Court, voiced her concern with the plan for screening in Hillsboro.

Lowry said she had talked to owners of other mobile home parks that had put up fences.

The other owners said putting in the fence was the worst thing they ever did and made their residents feel they weren?t a part of the rest of the community.

Lowry said she wants to make sure the new plan for screening will not make the residents of Rollin Homes Court feel segregated from the rest of the community.

The Planning Commission will take the concerns expressed into consideration before they pass the recommended documents on to the city council for approval.

The Planning Commission will finalize its recommendation at the next meeting on Thursday, Jan. 31.

Any opinions or suggestions regarding the comprehensive plan that were not mentioned at the public hearing may be mailed to city hall for consideration before the next meeting.

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