Moran again asks for vote on comprehensive energy policy

Congressman Jerry Moran continued his efforts to call on Congress to bring a comprehensive energy policy to a vote.

In a speech before the House of Representatives, Moran repeated his request that House leadership allow for a debate and vote on a national energy plan that leads to increased production of oil, gas and renewable energy, increased conservation and decreased reliance on foreign sources of fuel.

?Kansans have written, called and e-mailed me their stories about how gas prices are affecting them,? Moran said. ?I stand before the House of Represent?atives to represent their concerns with the rising price of gas and groceries, and for my farmers, the fuel they need to harvest their fall crops.

?I do not believe that it is right that Congress is on vacation if American families can?t afford to go on vacation,? Moran added. ?This is not about Demo?crats, or Republicans?this is about American citizens who are paying nearly $4 to fill their gas tanks while Congress refuses to bring a comprehensive energy plan to a vote. Congress should stay in Washington, D.C., until the work is done.?

Earlier this month, Moran voted to keep the House in session until an energy policy was voted upon. Congress traditionally puts its legislative work on hold during the month of August to allow representatives and senators to spend time in their districts and states.

Although Congress has adjourned, the president is able to call Congress back into session. Moran wrote President Bush a letter, encouraging him to bring Congress back into a special session.

This August, Members of Congress have been asking House leadership to reconvene the House from the five-week vacation and schedule a vote on legislation to increase American energy production.

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