Letters (Week of November 16, 2016)

Thoughts on the county’s future

Pondering the outcome of the District 2 county commission race, a supporter said it’s in God’s hands now and will be what God wants it to be.

With posting of the advanced ballots, I knew I would not win. But I was amazed and shocked that Dianne Novak had the most votes. With Dianne still ahead after the second posting, I called her and told her she had a good chance of winning. With 37 of 41 precincts reporting and posted, I called her back and said “Madam Commissioner, you’re it!”

Dianne’s door-to-door campaign, hard work and extreme efforts have my respect and support for the future.

Important to Marion County’s future will be Dianne’s continual effort to impose a county manager or administrator to run and efficiently oversee day-to-day operations with state and federal mandates continuing to be more complex.

It will be important to get new and younger people involved in EMS and our rural fire departments to staff these important services.

It will be important to give our new eco-devo committee enough leash to try to make a difference in Marion County’s future.

It will be important to influence positive change in the Road and Bridge Department, to ensure better roads for the future. I hope to help Dianne with this task.

Last but not least, I would like to thank Dan Holub for his years of service to the commission, and thank my supporters who believed in me.

With the help of God, may our futures be brighter.

Michael D. Beneke


Views are not the same as truth

I have friends and acquaintances on both sides of the political aisle. The one common element is that we claim God is God and Jesus is the Christ. Since the election, the rhetoric has been painful to listen to or read on social media. This has been my suggestion in the storm.

Most of us are aware of the story of Jesus walking on the water. At one point in the story, the disciple Peter asks Christ if he can come to him. Once out of the boat, Peter feels the winds and sees the waves and, losing focus, starts to sink.

The Apostle Paul wrote that the battle is not against flesh and blood but powers and principalities that we cannot see. The battle is spiritual. Like the storm, we experience the world around us being tossed about by the wind of those “powers.” It can be both terrifying and maddening.

My concern for myself and others is to remain focused. I know for a fact that I could change the political and social views of the world to match my own and, if I never helped them to see God as God and Jesus as the Christ, leave them doomed.

My views are just that, mine. They are shaped by the truth I’ve seen but they are just the effect of the truth, not truth itself. I know people who share my thoughts on various views feel like the views themselves are truth.

Now that’s scary. Please don’t lose focus. If we as believers get sidetracked by the storm, we will not be able to help others see the one who keeps us from sinking. We might make the world in our own image, but that’s not the gospel, that’s not the goal.

In the Parable of the Sower, the seed thrown into the thorns represents those who lose focus because of the deception on money and worries of this life. They become “unfruitful.”

If we as believers fail to share our hope, no one will. The harvest is great, but the workers are few.

Lance Booker


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