Letters to the editor (5-23-18)

Shame reigns

in Marion County

As a lifelong resident of Marion County, I’m a person who has always paid attention to local/federal government. At this point in Marion County, I am totally fed up with the rude, spiteful, childish temper tantrums and persistent sexual harassment against women displayed at most every commission meeting.

Are Kent Becker and Randy Dallke so ignorant they don’t know what they are doing to our county, or are they just so obnoxious they don’t care? Personally, I believe it’s the latter.

Let’s be honest, we all want a good ambulance service, we all understand the need and that includes all three commissioners. For anyone to suggest otherwise is just plain stupid.

A third station in a county the size of Marion County is foolish and irresponsible. Based on the past dollars spent, that would easily cost tax payers $450,000 or more annually. Why can’t our current two full-time stations handle 1,300 calls a year? And don’t forget we have volunteers to help. Do the math, it’s simple.

If we add a third station, that’s 1.1 call per station per day. The numbers don’t lie. Why would this even be a consideration?

Also, the director handed a resignation letter to the commission and said he is overworked, tired and cannot handle his job responsibilities without hiring an assistant and a special trainer.

So, I ask, why is he allowed to continue working at his second job? Mr. Dallke and Mr. Becker begged, pleaded and agreed to meet his demands. What they should have done was escorted him straight to the door!

The newly formed MCCEDC group is in shambles. As I read the May 15 Hillsboro Free Press article, I can see clearly why. Again, what is wrong with Mr. Dallke and Mr. Becker? If either of those two had any sense or integrity at all, they would never have any part in such a meeting.

This is not rocket science, folks. Mr. Dallke has been a commissioner for over 13 years and blatantly violates KOMA and has the gall to publicly deny it. Mr. Becker, by his own admission, has little or no knowledge of what he’s doing, he simply follows Randy Dallke’s lead.

I think everyone should attend a commission meeting. You would be shocked at what you see and hear.

With this nonsense and corruption going on, what has our county accomplished in the past two years with our tax dollars besides studies, surveys more studies and more surveys.

It’s become more then ridiculous and we the people need to step up to the plate and make changes.

I hope the people in First District are paying attention. They can make the first change at the ballot box this November.

Carl Stovall


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