Letters (1-9-19)

Pray for the future of the hospital

I have read with some interest and much angst the stories the Free Press has published over the last three weeks concerning our wonderful, new hospital here in Hillsboro.

While it was in the planning stages, and while it was being built, I must say that I was somewhat of a skeptic, thinking it to be unnecessary and not much more than a transfer station. However, since the time that it went into operation, my husband and I have had the opportunity to use both the hospital and the ER services more than once and have found them very adequate. Never have we found a friendlier, kinder or more knowledgeable staff. We have fallen in love with all of them. The attention and care that we have received there is second to none.

Therefore it breaks my heart to see such a great asset to our community in such a bad place. And I wonder how helpful it is to have front page coverage of this story week after week, discouraging everyone who is involved and making Hillsboro residents uneasy about using our hospital. I would challenge those of you out there in the community who are of the praying persuasion to make this a matter of prayer every day. God is honored when his people pray and ask him for the impossible and this situation strikes me as being in that category.

Let’s keep our heads up and our eyes on Jesus.

Elaine Suderman


Out of town folks don’t know how much we spend, what we need

I’m writing in regard to the letter written by Clark Coan of Lawrence stating his feelings on a trail off the old railroad way from Hillsboro Hospital to Marion Lake (reservoir). It is wide open “scenery” not scenic like the Southwind Rail Trail he mentioned. Would he be willing to put up his money for it?

Do Marion County property owners really need someone from out of county to comment on how little a trail would cost with our equipment and labor involved IF it could be done, when there are so many needs for our hard earned money on roads and bridges and with all the money spent on surveys that could be utilized more efficiently?

Why do we need someone from Lawrence to comment on our needs? Do we really get that much boost to our economy from trails which the reservoir already have?

How much more can Marion County property owners continue to support when our own needs are so great?

Barb Kroupa


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