District highlights achievements during past year

In addition to reviewing the business plan for 2014, those attending looked over the annual report from 2013. Included in the report were conservation award winners. They were:

? Ronald G. Hiebert of Hillsboro with the Contin?uation Conservation Award.

? David Rziha of Tampa with the Young Farmer Conservation Award.

? Errol Wuertz Jr. of McPherson with the Farm Bureau Grass Buffer award.

? Eli Suderman trustee, owner and Don and Kevin Suderman, operators, of Hillsboro with a Banker Award.

? Edith Unruh, owner, of Newton and Doyle Wiebe of Durham, operator, with a Banker Award.

? James Owens with the Rangeland Award.

? Brian Stucky of Goessel Grade School with the Teacher Award.

? Gerald Rziha of Tampa with the Service Award.

The annual report also included reports regarding water resources cost share program, non-point source cost-share program, district cost share program, Cotton?wood WRAPS and Marion Reservoir WRAPS and KDHE.

Marion County received more than $17,200 in 2013 for the Water Resources Cost Share program funded by the State Water Plan. This money helped 12 landowners to establish terraces, grassed waterways, grass seedings, native and brome, and water supply practices.

The NPS program provided cost share assistance for plugging abandoned water wells, failing on site wastewater systems (household), livestock waste systems and water supply systems.

Marion County received more than $17,700 this year and the 10 landowners will receive cost share on those practices.

The District Cost Share program was not funded in 2013.

Cottonwood WRAPS received more than $40,500 in cost share funds to establish conservation practices.

During 2013, five land?owners were approved for auction funds, three land?owners for livestock funds and eight landowners for regular funds.

The area includes the upper part of Doyle Creek and Clear Creek, Mud Creek and South Cottonwood subwatersheds.

Additional funds are available in Mud Creek and South Cottonwood for eligible livestock projects.

The Marion County Conservation District was awarded sponsorship of the Marion Reservoir WRAPS program starting July 1. Peggy Blackman remains the project coordinator.

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