A pet by any other name….

Survey of Marion County vets reveal both common and uncommon choices

Ever wonder why people name animals?

Some experts say giving animals a name changes the way we think about them.

In Marion County, three veterinarian clinics talked about unusual or popular names that owners gave to their canine or feline companions.

Although one source said the most popular name in the U.S. for pets was Max for males and Molly for females, local sources indicated Daisy or Daisy Mae was a popular female name here and Moose was popular for dogs.

But a lot of dogs were named Rebel and Zoey.

Hillsboro, Marion and Goessel require dog licenses, but none are required for cats.

Becky Makovec, Marion?s utility billing clerk, talked about some dog names she found that were unique, and so did other animal clinics.

The following is a sampling of those names.

In Marion, some dogs have traditional people names, such as Myrtle, Jackie, Sarah, Rachel and Katie.

Other dog owners in Marion like naming their canine family members after popular television shows or movie stars. Among them are Rambo, Mork, Chumley, Obi, Buckwheat and Gracie.

The same was true at Marion Animal Hospital with dogs named Tarzan, Fonzee Festus and Radar.

Some names were comical and others were even difficult to pronounce.

?People can be very creative when it comes to their animals,? Makovec said.

Jennifer Whitehead, Goessel city clerk, said Buster, Boomer, Skeeter, Maximus, Ruby, Oscar, Nebulon, Neptune, Comet and Dudley were some of the names listed for licensed dogs.

Spur Ridge Vet Hospital employees talked about a few of the dogs they saw earlier on Friday, such as Shadow, Reba, Suzie and Bella.

Other dogs deserved longer names. One example given by Marion Animal Hospital was Hot Diggity Dog Dolittle Two, a mixed breed, but with no dachsund in him.

Some families with two dogs came up with names that go together like Sugar and Spice, Fuzzy and Fuzzy Wuzzy, Smokey and the Bandit and Zeus and Thor.

Some dog owners chose ?colorful? names. None reported Ivory, but there was an Ebony.

Other names included Teal and Onyx.

A lot of owners came up with names that make people smile.

Examples included Coon Dog, Odie, Mr. Wiggles, ShelbyTyler, Sassy Boogie, Rosco, Piff and a Schnauzer named Puggles Pug.

Unique names for dogs and cats contributed by all three clinics included Benelli, Einstein, Poose, Saazoo, Delphi and Pakuna.

One of the dogs at Marion Animal Hospital is called T-Rex, and from all accounts, he is big.

Pepsi was the name given one dog, but it could be the owner liked that particular drink, Makovec said.

At Hillsboro Animal Clinic, one of the assistants said she knows of a micro mini pot belly pig named Gibbs, from the television show ?NCIS.?

Horses were also included in the mix.

One horse owner named her animal Monday because it was the day they brought her home.

Another horse on record at Hillsboro Animal Clinic is an Arabian named Kaiykah.

Of the more than 200-plus names provided, some of the more traditional names were only seen once.

When it came to dogs, only one Bowser surfaced; for cats, only one Felix was identified.

?Sometimes when people tell me how they came up with names, it can be comical,? Makovec said.

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