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Colorado trip was a great, late getaway

The first vacation that I can remember taking with my family was our trip to Colorado the summer after I was in sixth grade. While we had traveled places before, that was the first trip during which I learned I love to take pictures of and write about my travels and the trip I point to as the initial spark […]

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Coast of Italy: best end for a great trip

?What was your favorite part of your trip to Europe?? I?ve been asked this question many times since returning from my 12-day tour of Europe in June. My answer? The extension on the coast of Italy. When signing up for the trip, we were given the option of going on a two-day extension to Pompeii, Sorrento and the Island of […]

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Big trip is one for the books

Each year I plan this mega trip to several bin?deries in the state north of us to pick up yearbooks for delivery to schools in Kansas. And each year I wonder if I have what it takes physically to pull this off. As the business has grown through the years, so has the number of boxes I need to pick […]

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