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Digital divide?

? Digital communication is great for those who can afford the technology. What about the rest? Technology is pushing the world toward a paper?less work environment, and the evidence is growing locally. Direct-deposit checking and online bill payments have been around for quite a while now, greatly reducing the need for paper checks. The local school board began distributing its […]

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E-messages aren’t always clear

A friend who was living in Boston in the mid 1980s told me his job was getting computers to talk to each other. I couldn?t even fathom what he was doing until the Internet started taking off in the early to mid-1990s. Those were certainly exciting times, and looking back, it?s hard to believe how quickly technology changed our lives, […]

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Social media impact is both good and bad

Social media has changed the world. It has changed how we interact with each other, how we get our news, how we market products, how we learn things, how we spend our time and so on. It has sparked the creation of new words (think ?selfie? and ?hashtag?) and new jobs. Since social media has had such an impact, there […]

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