Tabor swimmers compete at NWU

The Tabor College swim teams competed at Nebraska Wesleyan Friday and Saturday in a battle of first-year programs.

?We swam very well considering the last two weeks of practice have been pretty draining,??coach Nate Duell said.

On Friday, the women lost a dual to the Prairie Wolves, 96-74. The Bluejays were aided by first-place finishes in the 200-yard medley relay, Whitney Livesay in the 100-yard butterfly and Kelly Smith in the 100-yard freestyle.

The men, meanwhile, lost, 115-32, turning in a first-place finish in the 200-yard medley relay.

In Saturday competition, the women defeated the Prairie Wolves, 86-71. Tabor was aided by six first-place finishes: the 400-yard medley relay, Kelly Smith in the 1650 freestyle, Sammie Norton in the 200 freestyle and 500 freestyle, Livesay in the 200 butterfly and Sarah Schulte in the 200 backstroke.

?The women rebounded nicely from some disappointment?on Friday?and truly earned the victory?on Saturday,??Duell said.

The men lost, 118-28, and did not win any events.

Duell said several swimmers competed in new events to help the team.

?Tessa Downs swam her first 1000 freestyle?on Saturday?and did very well,? he said. ?Liz Janssen and Sammie Norton each swam their first 500 freestyles. They are both sprinters, so to take on a distance-type event like the 500 was daunting and they handled it like champs.?

Duell also praised the efforts of Whitney Livesay and Tanner Sechrist.

?Whitney Livesay and Tanner Sechrist swam an event list?on Saturday?that is not for the timid, swimming grueling distances, very close together,??he said.

Results from the meet can be found below.

Coming?Tabor will compete at Morningside College Jan. 24.

NWU Meet

Friday, Jan. 9

200-yard medley relay

Women: 1. Sarah Schulte, Angela Smith, Whitney Livesay, Liz Janssen 2:06.99.

Men: 1. Tanner Sechrist, Adam Walsh, Cody Smith, Ben Dorsett 1:46.44.

1000-yard freestyle

Women:?2. Tessa Downs 13:43.35.

200-yard freestyle

Women: 2. Kelly Smith 2:10.32, 3. Kianna Hinerman 2:34.53.

Men: 3. Ben Dorsett 1:58.31.

50-yard freestyle

Women: 2. Sammie Norton 26.91, 5. Liz Janssen 29.74.

200-yard individual medley

Women:?2. Whitney Livesay 2:28.78, 3. Angela Smith 2:29.93.

Men: 3. Tanner Sechrist 2:12.20.

100-yard butterfly

Women:?1. Whitney Livesay 1:08.06.

Men:?2. Tanner Sechrist 1:01.42.

100-yard freestyle

Women:?1. Kelly Smith 59.07, 4. Liz Janssen 1:06.58, 5. Kianna Hinerman 1:09.12.

Men:?3. Brett Magee 53.46.

100-yard backstroke

Women:?2. Sammie Norton 1:08.12, 3. Sarah Schulte 1:11.35.

500-yard freestyle

Women:?2. Tessa Downs 6:45.65.

100-yard breaststroke

Women:?2. Angela Smith 1:18.16.

Men: 2. Adam Walsh 1:06.44.

200-yard freestyle relay

Women:?2. Sarah Schulte, Tessa Downs, Kelly Smith, Sammie Norton 1:51.45.

Men:?2. Cody Smith, Brett Magee, Adam Walsh, Ben Dorsett 1:33.38.

Saturday, Jan. 10

400-yard medley relay

Women:?1. Sarah Schulte, Angela Smith, Whitney Livesay, Tessa Downs 4:41.39.

Men:?2. Brett Magee, Adam Walsh, Cody Smith, Ben Dorsett 4:00.68.

1650-yard freestyle

Women:?1. Kelly Smith 21:03.49.

Men: 2. Tanner Sechrist 18:44.21.

200-yard freestyle

Women:?1. Sammie Norton 2:15.35, 3. Tessa Downs 2:34.38.

Men:?2. Brett Magee 1:58.83.

50-yard freestyle

Women: 2. Kelly Smith 26.77, 3. Liz Janssen 29.94, 5. Kianna Hinerman 31.45.

Men:?2. Ben Dorsett 23.58.

400-yard individual medley

Women:?2. Whitney Livesay 5:21.31.

Men:?2. Tanner Sechrist 4:55.17.

200-yard butterfly

Women:?1. Whitney Livesay 2:38.43.

100-yard freestyle

Women:?4. Angela Smith 1:02.86, 5. Tessa Downs 1:06.19, 6. Kianna Hinerman 1:09.42.

Men:?2. Brett Magee 52.39.

200-yard backstroke

Women:?1. Sarah Schulte, 2:32.75.

500-yard freestyle

Women:?1. Sammie Norton 6:14.27, 2. Liz Janssen 6:40.89.

200-yard breaststroke

Women:?2. Angela Smith, 2:51.66.

400-yard freestyle relay

Women:?2. Kelly Smith, Sarah Schulte, Liz Janssen, Sammie Norton 4:10.69.

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