Trivial fun in a trivial column

For those of you who are depressed because of the economy, the upcoming elections and life in general, cheer up. It could be worse?you could be an investment banker.

n Just for fun, here?s a trivia quiz courtesy of Linsay Carlson of The Montana Standard. Match the following schools with the correct team name or mascot below.

1. University of California-Irvine

2. University of Evansville

3. Ozark Christian College

4. U. of Southern California-Santa Cruz

5. Dartmouth College

6. St. Louis University

7. University of Akron

8. Jamestown College

9. Purdue University

10. Vanderbilt University

11. Providence College

12. Wake Forest University

13. University of Minnesota

14. Tulane University

15. Texas Christian Univ.

16. South Dakota State Univ.

17. University of Idaho

18. Xavier University

19. Whittier College

20. St. John?s University

21. Southern Illinois University-Carbondale

22. Trinity Christian College

23. University of Maryland

24. University of Nevada-Las Vegas

25. Wichita State University

Names/mascots: Ambas?sadors, Big Green, Red Storm, Anteaters, Horned Frogs, Shockers, Vandals, Purple Aces, Banana Slugs, Zips, Runnin’ Rebels, Jackrabbits, Green Wave, Friars, Boilermakers, Jimmies, Terrapins, Golden Gophers, Commodores, Demon Deacons, Salukis, Billikens, Poets, Musketeers, Trolls

Answers later.

There are all kinds of possibilities when it comes to sports headlines or messages on T-shirts for some of these teams.

Vandals steal a victory

Loss is hardly Golden for Gophers

Jackrabbits lose hop in loss

Anteaters win by a nose

Green Wave wiped out

Banana Slugs slide by Green Wave

Here?s a message seen on a T-shirt: ?Banana Slugs?No Known Predators?

Possible T-shirt messages for the Poets: ?We may not win, but we write better,? or ?Write on.?

n The Philadelphia Phillies and manager Charlie Manual had quite a season. But when Manual became manager of the Cleveland Indians in 2000, a television crew went to his hometown and interviewed June Manual, according to the Inquirer.

When asked what she thought about her third-oldest child becoming manager of a major league team, she replied, ?That?s all well and fine. But somebody?s got to take this trash out.?

n Perhaps you didn?t notice that the Royals won more games than the Atlanta Braves this year. Normally, that would be a good thing, but not so much this year because Atlanta only won 72 games. The comparative record of the Braves and Royals is more a testament to how far Atlanta has fallen than it is to how much Kansas City has improved, although there?s reason to hope that the Royals have improved. How much remains to be seen.

n Owners and general managers across Major League Baseball must be amazed and scared at how perennial loser Tampa Bay turned it around. It?s almost unheard of in baseball for a team to go from worst to first, much less in what may be the toughest division in baseball.

n Finally, here?s a trivial observation from a public address announcer: I like the look of Tabor?s football uniforms, but from the press box, the gold numbers are difficult to read on the dark blue background.

n Answers to college athletic names/mascots quiz: 1. Anteaters; 2. Purple Aces; 3. Ambassadors; 4. Banana Slugs; 5. Big Green; 6. Billikens; 7. Zips; 8. Jimmies; 9. Boilermakers; 10. Commodores; 11. Friars; 12. Demon Deacons; 13. Golden Gophers; 14. Green Wave; 15. Horned Frogs; 16. Jackrabbits; 17. Vandals; 18. Musketeers; 19. Poets; 20. Red Storm; 21. Salukis; 22. Trolls; 23. Terrapins; 24 Runnin? Rebels; 25. Shockers.

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