More questions than answers in sports FAQ

Before the new year turns into an old year, here are some questions begging for answers.

n Now that former sports and entertainment celebrity O.J. Simpson is behind bars, who will pick up his ongoing quest to find the real killer of his wife, Nicole, and Ron Goldman?

n How long will college football keep making teams wait a month or more from the end of the season until they play a bowl game? Is there anyone who seriously believes it?s logical to wait four or five weeks from the end of the regular season until some bowl games are played?

n Florida was the national champion in football, but are they really No. 1? Based on the current system they are, although Utah is the only team that doesn?t have to explain away a loss.

n You probably know that Tim McCarty, the coach credited for turning around Tabor?s football program at the turn of the century, is no longer the assistant head coach and offensive line coach at Kansas State. But do you know where he landed? Answer later.

n After leading Tabor to two consecutive KCAC football championships and its first post-season win, is anyone surprised that Mike Gardner is also having some success at Malone College in Ohio? His record over three years there is 21-13.

n If the recession drags on for too long, will fewer bowl games result because corporate sponsorships dry up?

n How cool will it be to have a nice football stadium in Hillsboro? While I can appreciate the separation of church and state issue, doesn?t it make sense for a small town to pool its resources so all entities benefit?

n Do you like the shot clock in professional and college basketball?

n Why do college men use a 35-second shot clock and college women use a 30-second shot clock?

n Doesn?t the shot clock favor the more talented and athletic teams? Why do the more talented and athletic teams need additional advantages?

n Do you want some good reasons why high school basketball doesn?t need a shot clock? One, the cost of the equipment; two, finding more clock operators and the potential for more timing controversies; and three, most teams can?t hold the ball for more than 30 seconds without committing a violation or shooting the ball.

n Why did they use peach baskets years ago? Why did they stop using them? Was there a peach-basket shortage?

n How many basketball goals do you suppose there are in Hillsboro if you count all of the homes that have one outside? 100? 250? 500? Does anyone care to count and let me know?

n Will Penn State football coach Joe Paterno ever retire? He recently signed a 3-year extension to coach the Nittany Lions until the age of 85.

n Answer to Tim McCarty question: McCarty, who guided the East Central University football program to its best record in seven years (6-4 in 2004), will return to the school in Okla?homa to serve a second stint as head coach of the Tigers.

n Is it good to have a dream? Many kids dream of playing sports professionally for big bucks, but most high school student-athletes will never realize that dream.

Did you know that according to a study done by the NCAA, only 215 high school football players out of 265,000 senior participants in a single year would make the final cut on a professional team, while 64 out of 150,000 high school basketball players will make a professional squad?

That means of all the high school athletes that participate in football or basketball, only .08 percent and .04 percent, respectively, will ever make any money at the professional level, much less become rich.

I suppose it?s OK to dream, but it probably doesn?t hurt to have a Plan B, like getting an education.

n Did you hear about the two silkworms that had a race? They ended up in a tie.

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