KU Basketball title proves all the world needs now is love

Everyone loves a winner, right? Well, yes and no. When KU returned to the throne as king of college men?s basketball, newspapers were full of praise for KU?s accomplishments. Fans celebrated the remarkable and exciting conclusion to a great basketball game and season. The airwaves on radio sports talk shows were filled with basketball banter.

So, to answer the original question, yes, Jayhawk fans everywhere loved celebrating the accomplishment by their team. Some Kansas State and Missouri fans even found the title worthy of praise.

However, many Wildcat and Tiger fans were clearly disgusted at the outcome, as understandably were many Memphis State fans.

Here’s a glimpse of how people feel about KU?s basketball championship, courtesy of a Web site blog for KAKE-TV 10.

?I am a huge K-State fan, but I am very proud of KU. It is great for our state.?

?I?m a K-State fan, but you?ve got to give KU all the credit in the world for what they?ve accomplished. You can say they had the easiest road to the title, but when they whipped Roy?s boys, I knew they were the best team. Congratulations to KU on winning the national title! It?s a great day to be a sports fan in Kansas!?

?I am a K-State grad. I am happy for the boys on the team, current KU students and alumni, but not for all of the bandwagon jumpers.?

?I am a huge KU fan, but would cheer on any Kansas team that had a chance for a championship title. I don?t understand the hate behind some of the fans attitudes of KSU, Wichita State or any school. All of these teams, KSU, Wichita State and KU represent our great state. I think we should all be proud, no matter what school.?

?I am proud of KU. They did a fantastic job. However, the reason some people won?t root for ?The Princeton of the Prairie? is because of their arrogance. Remember how ignorant they acted two years ago when they did not make it past the first round in the NCAA and WSU made it to the Sweet 16? Most KU fans were green with envy and refused to support the Shockers. They are sore losers and cannot stand for anyone to be in the limelight but them. Yet, they want everyone else to support them. I don?t recall KSU and WSU acting this way toward each other. One more thing, KU could make peace with these two universities by discontinuing calling them Silo Tech and Hillside High. The rest is Self explanatory.?

?Would you hear a North Carolina fan rooting for Duke? How about a Stanford fan rooting for Cal? Why should any KSU fan feel obligated to root for a hated rival because of the piece of land they choose to call home. Rock Chalk Chickenhawk. Boo KU!?

?There is no way in 100 years I would ever cheer for KU being a K-State grad. I would feel dirty cheering for that team. Plus, it was so much fun cheering on Memphis with many of my family and friends doing the obedient thing of cheering for KU.?

?I wish I could be as happy as everyone else, but I unfortunately am not. I have dealt with the bragging over the streak for many years (24 consecutive KU wins over K-States in Manhat?tan). The only reason I am glad they won is as a K-State fan I can say we beat the national champs.?

To which one person sarcastically told a K-State fan that they can boast, ?No one beats us 25 consecutive years in our house.?

There’s a lot more where this came from, but you get the point.

Just more proof why there will never be world peace.

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