A coach’s words of wisdom to fans

At a recent fall sports kickoff at a high school in Marion County, a new coach introduced his team to fans in the stadium. The coach began by having all of the parents of his athletes stand up to be acknowledged. He also thanked them for allowing him to coach their sons.

The coach then introduced his team of football players one by one. As he said their class and name, each player raised their hand and then removed their jersey quietly. Fans and other teams looked around wondering why the boys were removing their shirts but continued to watch quietly. The coach continued until every last boy had been introduced and their jersey removed.

The coach then said to the fans, “Just in case you are wondering why these players took off their jerseys, when these guys put on their jerseys, they represent (their high school). They are doing that to entertain you guys on Friday nights. But when that jersey comes off, these are somebody’s kids. So when you come out on Friday night, remember that. They are gonna give you all they got. I promise you that. All I ask is some respect. These guys are already winners. Now we are just chasing a championship.”

The coach was Demetrius Cox and it was his charge to the fans of the Hillsboro High School Trojans, but it could be the charge from every coach to all of the fans in Marion County.

Let’s have great fall seasons and remember that our athletes are somebody’s kids and they are already winners. Be respectful and enjoy the entertainment they are going to bring for us.