Tis the season for athletic recognition

All-CKL volleyball

Two members of the Hillsboro volleyball team have received all-league recognition from the coaches of the Central Kansas League.

Senior Abby Sechrist was named to the second team as a middle hitter; senior Sarah Jost received honorable mention as an outside hitter.

The Trojans finished in a tie for fourth place with a 6-4 record in CKL, and was 18-22 for the season.

Following are the 2017 selections.

First team: *Kailey Jo Ince, Hess­ton, sr., OH; Remyngton Green, Nickerson, sr., OPP; Alaina Dunlavy, Hesston, sr., S; Brianna Bradshaw, Kingman, sr., OH; Sydney Bangert, Kingman, sr., S; Tara Davis, Nickerson, sr., MB; Bailey Bangert, Kingman, sr., S; Madyson Beckett, Halstead, jr., OH.

Second team: Mia Loganbill, Hess­ton, sr., OH; Cyra Kelley, Nickerson, so., OH; Sophie Mader, Nickerson, sr., S; Kierson Maydew, Pratt, jr., MH; Rylie Schilling, Hesston, jr., MH; Abby Sechrist, Hillsboro, sr., MH; Daphne Williams, Halstead, sr., S; Kristina Head, Lyons, so., MH.

Third team: Grace DeWeese, King­man, sr., MB; Sarah Jost, Hillsboro, sr., OH; Mattie Glover, Larned, sr., S; Abbie Yutzy, Haven, sr., MH; Talby Duerksen, Hesston, so., MH; Josie Engel, Hal­stead, fr., L; Joanna Lockwood, Hoisington, sr., MH; Alexa Smith, King­man, jr., OH; Haven Sjogren, Smoky Valley, jr., OH; Skylar Eidson, Nicker­son, jr., L; Makenzie Baird, Pratt, sr., OH; Daci Stover, Lyons, so., S.

All-CKL football

Four members of the Hillsboro football team have received all-league recognition from the coaches of the Central Kansas League.

Names to the first team on offense were senior Kaden Kleiner at quarterback, and Jacob Funk at wide receiver/tight end.

Named to the second team was junior Darian Ratzlaff at wide receiver/tight end.

The Trojans placed only one player on the defensive side. Senior defensive lineman Brodie Rathbone received honorable mention.

The Trojans 10th in the 11-school CKL with a 1-6 record. Their season record was 1-8.

Following are the 2017 selections.

OFFENSE (first team)

Quarterback: Tanner Schrag, jr., Nickerson; Dalton Kraus, sr., Halstead; Cameron Cox, jr., Hesston; Landon Struder, sr., Pratt; Kaden Kleiner, sr., Hillsboro.

Running back: Travis Theis, jr., Pratt; Anthony McConnell, sr., Larned; Kyle Anderson, sr., Smoky Valley.

Line: Ethan Wampler, jr., Pratt; Chance Gorges, sr., Nickerson; Justin Lamatsch, sr., Pratt; Jeremiah Slattery, sr., Larned; Adam Meng, sr., Kingman.

Wide receiver/tight end: Reese Nebel, sr., Hesston; Damontay Phillips, sr., Larned; Jacob Funk, sr., Hillsboro.

Second team

Running back: Parker Roth, jr., Hesston; Sean Urban, sr., Hoisington; Peyton Kuhns, sr., Nickerson.

Line: Drew Blaylock, sr., Halstead; David Schulte, jr., Halstead; Jared Curtis, sr., Hoisington; Hunt Davis, sr., Haven; Jesus Ramirez, sr., Hesston.

Wide receiver/tight end: Darian Ratzlaff, jr., Hillsboro; Noah Mendez, sr., Halstead; Trevor Frederick, sr., Nickerson.

Honorable mention

Quarterback: Thane Unruh, sr., Haven; Carson Smith, sr., Larned.

Running back: Scott Grider, so., Halstead.

Line: Eric Barrett, sr., Hoisington; Hunter Brunson, sr., Nickerson; Konrad Peterson, jr., Smoky Valley; Hunter Huber, so., Pratt; Alex Koehn, jr., Hesston.

DEFENSE (first team)

Line: Jared Curtis, sr., Hoisington; Kolbi Schrag, sr., Nickerson; Jack Govert, sr., Kingman; Konrad Peterson, jr. Smoky Valley.

Linebackers: Riley Odell, sr., Smoky Valley; Trevor Fredrick, sr., Nickerson; Hunter Jones, jr., Nickerson; Jake Curtis, sr., Hoisington.

Backs: Travis Theis, jr., Pratt; TJ Powell, sr., Nickerson; Mason Perez, so., Larned; Reese Nebel, sr., Hesston.

Second team

Line: David Schulte, jr., Halstead; Ethan Wampler, jr., Smoky Valley; Blake Martin, jr., Hesston; Jeremiah Slattery, sr., Larned..

Linebackers: Kaden Kraus, so., Halstead; Kadence Riner, jr., Halstead; John Molitor, jr., Kingman; Parker Roth, jr., Hesston.

Backs: Thane Unruh, sr., Haven; Dalton Kraus, sr., Halstead; Rudy Gearhart, sr., Hoisington; Zach Able, sr., Smoky Valley.

Honorable mention

Line: Devin Williams, sr., Kingman; Brodie Rathbone, sr., Hillsboro.

Linebacker: Cort Elliott, jr., Smoky Valley; Wyatt Pedigo, sr., Hoisington.

Backs: Josh Salazar, sr., Nickerson; Gage Pickering, sr., Kingman; Chris Goans, jr., Lyons; Kaiden Whittington, sr., Nickerson.


First team: Luis Franco, jr., kicker; Aric Probst, so., Halstead, punter; Brock Skelton, so., Larned, punter.

Second team: Logan DeMond, jr., Larned, kicker; Jorge Morales, sr. Hess­ton, kicker; Tim Lambert, jr., Smoky Valley, returner; Chandler Eaton, jr., Nickerson, punter

All-WSL volleyball

The volleyball coaches of the Wheat State League have announced their all-league selections for 2017.

Leading the way with four first-team selections and one honorable mention is Class 2A state runner-up Goessel, who finished the season with a 43-1 record.

Named to the first team were Bluebird seniors Eden Hiebert, Leah Booton, Brit­tney Hie­bert and junior Savanna Wuest. Junior Cierra Nolte received honorable mention.

Booton, Eden Hiebert and Wuest were named to the all-state tournament team for Class 2A.

Two other athletes from the Free Press coverage area received recognition: Ashley Nightingale, a senior from Canton-Galva, was named to the first team while Kate Bosore, a senior from Centre, received honorable mention.

Following is the roster of the coaches’ selections.

First team: Eden Hiebert, sr., Goessel; Leah Booton, sr., Goessel; Holly Brockmeier, so., Rural Vista; Savanna Wuest, jr., Goessel; Kayla Webb, jr., Solomon; Brittney Hiebert, sr., Goessel; Carrie Roe, fr., Herington; Melanie Renken, dr., Little river; Hannah Reidy, so. Rural Vista; Lauren Campuzano, jr., Rural Vista; Maddison Robinson, sr., Solomon; Ashley Night­ingale, sr., Canton-Galva.

Honorable mention: Bailey Unruh, sr., Elyria Christian; Christin Vetter, sr., Elyria Christian; Kate Basore, sr., Centre; McKenzie Shippy, jr., Hering­ton; Cierra Nolte, jr., Goessel; Haley Tier­nan, fr., Solomon.

All-WSL football

Eleven athletes from the four member high schools in the Free Press area received all-league recognition from the coaches of the Wheat State League.

Centre (5-3) led the way with four first-team selections, Max Svoboda, Jensen Riffel and Xavier Espinoza, and one honorable-mention pick, Braxton Smith.

Two athletes from Can­ton-Galva (4-5), Dylan Woods and Jonah Sargent, were named to the first team and Landon Everett received honorable mention.

Representing Goessel (2-7) was Zach Zogelman on the first team and Carson Sterk with honorable mention.

From Peabody-Burns (2-7), Jess Philpott was named to the first team and Landon Rives received honorable mention.

Following are the complete rosters for first team and honorable mention.

2017 All-WSL Football

First team: Dylan Wood, sr., Can­ton-Galva; Jonah Sargent, sr., Canton Galva; Max Svoboda, sr., Centre; Jen­sen Riffel, so., Centre; Xavier Espin­oza, jr., Centre; Zach Zogelman, jr., Goessel; Ethan Moorman-Meador, sr., Herington; Peyton Harvey, sr., Little River; Levi Swenson, sr., Little River; Hunter Thomas, jr., Little River; Bray­den Sears, so., Little River; Jess Phil­pot, so., Peabody-Burns; Chase Krause, sr., Rural Vista; Eli Fleming, sr., Rural Vista; Braden Neilson, jr., Solo­mon; Andrew Capsey, sr., Solomon; Cam­eron Noggle, sr., Solomon; Garrett Groves, sr., Wakefield; Nathan Jack­son, sr., Wakefield; Justin Carver, sr., Wakefield; Skylur Merritt, jr., Wakefield.

Honorable mention: Landon Everett, so., Canton Galva; Braxton Smith, so., Centre; Carson Sterk, sr., Goessel; DeVonte McConnell, sr., Herington; Graham Stephens, fr., Little River; Landon Rives, so., Peabody-Burns; Zach Lee, sr., Rural Vista; Jobe Fowles, jr., Solomon; Ashton Pickering, sr., Wakefield.