Seven Trojans named to all-CKL team

Seven players on the Hills?boro football team received all-league recognition from the coaches of the Central Kansas League at a total of 11 positions.

Senior Ben Bebermeyer was a unanimous pick for the first team on both sides of the ball?as a receiver on offense and a back in the defensive secondary.

Junior Brandon Rooker was a unanimous choice for the first-team ofensive line and an honorable-mention pick for the defensive line. The other Trojan picked for the first team on offense was Chance Reece, senior running back.

Two Trojan seniors were first-team selections at linebacker on defense: Ben Gardner as a unanimous choice and Caleb Hilliard.

Receiving honorable mention on offense were senior Dylan Delk at tight end and Luke Moore at quarterback.


Central Kansas League

2010 all-league football selections


First team offense

Line: *Karsen Garnett, Halstead, junior; *Brandon Rooker, Hillsboro, junior; James Weston, Lyons, senior; *Guy Oden, Sterling, senior; *Taylor Fair, Sterling, junior.

Quarterback: *Simon McKee, Halstead. senior.

Running backs: *Tanner Strohl, Halstead, senior; *Chance Reece, Hillsboro, senior; *Bryant Patterson, Sterling, junior.

Receivers: *Dakota Becker, Halstead, senior; *Ben Bebermeyer, Hillsboro, senior; Seth Nelson, Smoky Valley, senior.

Kicker: *Ethan Rodenberg, Halstead, senior.

Honorable mention offense

Line: Jared Bean, Halstead, senior; Tyler Henning, Halstead, junior; Jeff Martin, Halstead, senior; Aryan Walton, Sterling, senior; Mike Dow, Sterling, senior.

Quarterback: Luke Moore, Hillsboro, junior.

Running backs: Ethan Rodenberg, Halstead, senior; Luke Moore, Hillsboro, senior; Taylor Base, Smoky Valley; Chad Bennett, Sterling, junior.

Receivers: Ryan Bibb, Halstead, junior; Dylan Delk, Hillsboro, senior; Brendon Lewis, Lyons, junior; Trea Lott, Sterling, senior.


First team defense

Line: *Karsen Garnett, Halstead, junior; *Dylan Delk, Hillsboro, senior; Taylor Fair, Sterling, junior; *Aryn Walton, Sterling, senior.

Linebackers: *Garrison Gundy, Halstead, senior; *Ben Gardner, Hillsboro, senior; Caleb Hilliard, Hillsboro, senior; Bryant Patterson, Sterling, junior.

Backs: *Dakota Becker, Halstead, senior; *Ben Bebermeyer, Hillsboro, senior; *Trea Lott, Sterling, senior; *Nick Deterding, Smoky Valley, junior.

Punter: *Austin Maxwell, Sterling, soph.

Returner: *Ryan Bibb, Halstead, junior.

Honorable mention defense

Line: Tucker Kaufman, Halstead, junior; Brandon Rooker, Hillsboro, junior; Kinsly Kroetsch, senior; Seth Nelson, Smoky Valley, senior.

Linebackers: Peyton Wingert, Halstead, senior; Chance Reece, Hillsboro, senior; Weston Van Ranken, Smoky Valley, senior.

Backs: Ryan Bibb, Halstead, junior; Devon Bibb, Halstead, senior; Mike Vincent, Lyons, senior; Chad Bennett, Sterling, junior.

Punter: Ethan Rodenberg, Halstead, junior;

Returner: Cody Ratcliffe, Halstead; Colby Sauer, Haven.




First team offense

Line: *Matt Geidel, Hesston, senior; Scott Osner, Kingman, senior; *Austin Schweizer, Nickerson, senior; Taylor Baird, Pratt, senior.

Quarterback: Trevor Pauls, Hesston, junior.

Running backs: *Lucas Petrocci, Hess?ton, senior; *Hector Rodriguez, Nickerson, senior; *Jake Siroky, senior, Pratt.

Receivers: Trae Regier, Haven, soph., *Eyan Roth, Hesston, junior; Taylor Baird, Pratt, senior.

Kicker: Eyan Roth, Hesston, junior.

Honorable mention offense

Line: Caden Ford, Haven, junior; James Leiker, Haven, senior; Christian Krehbiel, Hesston, junior; Garrett Spencer, Hesston, senior; Kyle Cokeley, Nickerson, senior; Taylor Baird, Pratt, senior.

Quarterback: Ridge Foster, Haven, senior; Brandon Owen, Nickerson, senior.

Running backs: Kyle Perry, Hesston, junior; Stephen Gutierrez, Kingman, senior; Justin Gilmore, Pratt, senior.

Receivers: Dylan Hickey, Haven, senior; Austin Barnard, Pratt, senior.

Kicker: Ludwing Verbena, Pratt, senior.


First team defense

Line: *John Birch, Hesston, Soph.; Blake Bergkamp, Kingman, senior; *Steele Flem?ming, Pratt, senior; Lawson Short, Pratt, senior.

Linebackers: *Cody Lowery, Hesston, junior; Brandon Harmony, Hesston, senior; *Hunter Thiessen, Nickerson, junior; *Taylor Baird, Pratt, senior.

Backs: Ridge Foster, Haven, senior; Kyle Perry, junior, Hesston; Keelan Jackson, Nickerson, senior; *BJ Dean, Pratt, junior.

Punter: *Mikabe Erdman, Kingman, junior.

Returner: Austin Barnard, Pratt, senior.

Honorable mention defense

Line: Caden Ford, Haven, junior; Matt Weaver, senior, Hesston; Will Cousins, King?man, junior; Skylar Goyen, Kingman, junior; Kyle Koekely, Nickerson, senior; Micah Smith, Nickerson, senior.

Linebackers: TJ Jacques, Haven, junior; Scott Osner, Kingman, senior; Stone Hage?man, Kingman, senior; Cody Goldsberry, Nickerson, senior; Jordan Newton, Nickerson, senior.

Backs: Lorenzo Jenkins, Hesston, junior; Bryan Suenram, Kingman, junior; Mikabe Erdman, Kingman, junior; Hector Rodriguez, Nickerson, senior; Justin Engelland, Nicker?son, junior; Quintin Crandall, Nickerson, junior.

Punter: Hector Rodriguez, Nickerson, senior.


* Unanimous choice

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