MCAA fetes 5 Trojans, 9 Warriors

Five members of Hillsboro High?s bi-district champion football team have received all-league recognition from the coaches of the Mid-Central Activities Associa?tion?s Central Division.

Nine Marion Warriors were recognized by the coaches of the MCAA?s Mid Division.

For Hillsboro (6-5), who finished fifth (1-4) in the six-team large-school Central Division, four players filled six first-team positions.

Senior Jacob Yoder was a unanimous pick at two spots: offensive back and punter.

Spencer Brown was a unanimous pick at defensive back and a first-team pick at quarterback. The senior also received honorable mention as a kick returner.

Daniel Jost, junior wide receiver, was Hillsboro?s other unanimous pick. He also received honorable mention as a defensive back.

Junior John Hein was a first-team selection at offensive line and senior Michael Scheele received honorable mention at that position.

Five Warriors (4-5, 3-2) were named to the Mid Division first team.

On offense, senior Austin Hager was a unanimous pick at offensive back, junior Mitchell Leppke was picked as the best quarterback in the division, and senior Hank Collett was picked for the offensive line.

Brett Billings, a senior, received honorable mention as a lineman.

On defense, Chase Carlson, a senior, was a first-team choice in the secondary and senior Brad Klenda was selected as a lineman.

Sophomore Nick Klenda received honorable mention in the secondary, and juniors Derek Riggs and Mark Kukuk for their play on defensive line.

Hager also received honorable mention as a punter.

MCAA Central Division


Offensive back: *Michael Petrocci, sr., Hesston; *Jacob Yoder, sr., Hillsboro; Eric Hawk, sr., Smoky Valley. (Honorable mention: Clay McConnell, sr., Nickerson; Jack Trussell, sr., Nickerson; Weston Cottrell, so., Nickerson; Andrew Hourani, jr., Collegiate; Rob Moore, jr., Hesston.)

Quarterback: Spencer Brown, sr., Hillsboro; Clint Cornejo, sr., Collegiate. (Honorable mention: Michael Janzen, jr., Hesston.)

Receiver: *Daniel Jost, jr., Hillsboro; *Ridge Jones, sr., Smoky Valley; Lee Voth-Gaeddert, sr., Hesston. (Honorable mention: Bryce Cornejo, so., Collegiate; Craig Howell, jr., Collegiate; Jordan Drake, jr., Haven.)

Offensive line: John Hein, jr., Hillsboro; *Jamie Wollenburg, sr., Hesston; *Jordan Misunas, sr., Nickerson; *Josh Dauer, sr., Smoky Valley; *Ronnie Elkouri, sr., Collegiate. (Honorable mention: Joey Schmidt, jr., Hesston; Riley Spencer, jr., Hesston; Cory Hatchel, jr. Haven; Sharpe Garrett, sr., Smoky Valley; Michael Scheele, sr., Hillsboro.)

Kicker: Lee Voth-Gaeddert, sr., Hesston. (Honorable mention: Brandon Engelland, sr., Nickerson.)

Returner: *John Reimer, sr., Hesston. (Honorable mention: Spencer Brown, sr., Hillsboro.)

Defensive back: *Spencer Brown, sr., Hills?boro; Mace Krol, sr., Nickerson; DeWitt John, sr., Smoky Valley; Austin Bakri, sr., Collegiate. (Honorable mention: Byron Nienstedt, jr., Haven; Jordan Simon, jr., Haven; John Reimer, sr., Hesston; Daniel Jost, jr., Hillsboro; Ridge Jones, sr., Smoky Valley; Braden Krinhop, sr., Smoky Valley.)

Linebacker: Brett Leichty, sr., Hesston; Joey Schmidt, jr., Hesston; Chris Brito, sr., Collegiate; Adam Lackey, sr., Smoky Valley. (Honorable mention: Garrett Black, sr., Haven; Lee Voth-Gaeddert, sr., Hesston; Derek Odell, sr., Smoky Valley.)

Defensive line: *Jamie Wollenberg, sr., Hesston; Jake Wray, sr., Hesston; Jack Trussell, sr., Nickerson; Cody Foster, sr., Smoky Valley. (Honorable mention: Sean Dick, jr., Haven; Jordan Misunas, sr., Nickerson; Alex Schooler, jr., Collegiate; Steve Sparber, sr., Collegiate.)

Punter: *Jacob Yoder, sr., Hillsboro. (Honorable mention: Lee Voth-Gaeddert, sr., Hesston.)

MCAA Mid Division


Offensive back: *Cameron Horesky, sr., Hoisington; *Austin Hager, sr., Marion; *Joel Stromberg, sr., Sterling. (Honorable mention: Adam Sullivan, sr., Hoisington; Roman Davidson, so., Sterling.)

Quarterback: Mitchell Leppke, jr., Marion. (Honorable mention: Tyler Ratzlaff, jr., Halstead; Cody Riggs, jr., Sterling.)

Receiver: *Luke McKee, jr., Halstead; *Luke Keener, jr., Hoisington, Steven Fankhauser, sr., Sterling. (Honorable mention: Ethan Linden, so., Ellinwood; Casey Dwyer, sr., Lyons.)

Offensive line: *Tegan Nusser, sr., Lyons; *Matt Engstrom, sr., Hoisington; *Gabe Dierksen, jr., Sterling; Henry Collett, sr., Marion; Korye Garnett, sr., Halstead. (Jacob Owen, so., Hoisington; John Durrett, sr., Hoisington; Nick Meyer, jr., Lyons; Brett Billings, sr., Marion; Chris Schwartz, jr., Ellinwood.)

Kicker: *Jake Craig, so., Lyons. (Honorable mention: Kholby Munoz, sr., Sterling.)

Returner: *Cameron Horesky, sr., Hoising?ton. (Honorable mention: Steven Fankhauser, sr., Sterling.)

Defensive back: *Luke McKee, jr., Halstead; Cameron Horesky, sr., Hoisington; Dylan Demel, sr., Hoisington; Chase Carlson, sr., Marion. (Honorable mention: Lee Goetz, sr., Hoisington; Dane Kepka, sr., Lyons; Nick Klenda, so., Marion; Steven Fankhauser, sr., Sterling.)

Linebacker: *Carl Hickel, jr., Hoisington; *Jake Durham, jr., Sterling; Luke Knight, sr., Lyons; Brad Klenda, jr., Marion. (Honorable mention: Adam Demel, sr., Hoisington; John Durrett, sr., Hoisington; Nick Minix, so., Lyons; Joey Stromberg, sr., Sterling; Roman David?son, so., Sterling; Sheldon Meitler, jr., Halstead.)

Defensive line: *Korye Garnett, jr., Halstead; Luke Keener, jr., Hoisington; Matt Engstrom, sr., Hoisington; Skyler Maxwell, sr., Sterling. (Honorable mention: Corey Detter, so., Ellinwood; Neil Ochs, sr., Hoisington; Tegan Nusser, sr., Lyons; Zach McKinnis, sr., Lyons; Derek Riggs, jr., Marion; Mark Kukuk. jr., Marion; Gabe Dierksen, jr., Sterling.)

Punter: Steven Fankhauser, sr., Sterling. (Honor?able mention: Adam Demel, sr., Hoisington; Austin Hager, sr., Marion; Tyler Armendariz, jr., Halstead.)

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