HMS?wrestling ends season

The Hillsboro Middle School wrestling team finished its season with a combined record of 137-111.

?I believe this is the best (record) we have had in the four years that I have been here,? said coach Kurt Bowman.

?With most of our kids only having one or two years of wrestling experience, I felt we had a pretty good season. As a whole, they worked very hard and continued to improve throughout the season.

?We look forward to seeing what some of these kids can achieve as they continue on in their high school years,? he said.

Following is the season record and league-tournament finish for members of this year?s team.


HMS Wrestlers, 2009-10

90 (lbs): Jon Carey, 10-7, 4th/3rd.

100: Jake Jost, 4-9, 4th/4th; Jakob Hanschu, 9-5, 1st/3rd.

105: Karyn Leihy, 0-11, DNP/6th.

115: River Cecil, 9-7, 5th/3rd.

120: Evan Ollenburger, 13-2, 2nd/1st; Jesse Meier, 5-10, 3rd/4th.

127: Cody Delk, 10-6, 1st/2nd; Tanner Sechrist, 9-5, 5th/1st.

134: Jesse Brown, 10-5, DNP/4th.

141: Scott Brazil, 11-4, 5th/2nd.

155: Taylon Lamkin, 15-1, 1st/1st. Cody Craney, 7-10, 4th/1st.

180: Tristian Gooden-Heit, 3-11, DNP/3rd.

265: Matt Reeh, 5-7, 3rd/5th; Chase Meisinger, 6-8, 4th/1st.

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