Hillsboro Golf Team splits up and performs well

The Hillsboro High School golf team played in the Hillsboro JV Tournament on Friday, April 26. The team did well with three placing in the top ten, earning medals.

The freshman players showed up and scored well for the team. Eli Dalke shot a 51 and placed seventh. Frank Wichert shot a 52 and placed eighth while Rylie Daniels came in at 10th place with a 52. Sophomore Paul Glanzer also shot a 52, but he placed 11th.

“Wichert, Daniels and Glanzer all tied with a 52, along with Robert Conde from St John’s Military School. The tie was broken us a scorecard playoff, leaving Glanzer just outside the top 10,” said coach Scott O’Hare.

Sophomore Zach Dittert shot a 61 and finished 24th. Freshman Kate Maxfield shot a 64 and finished 30th.

“Overall, I am very happy with how this young group played. Obviously, they have a level of comfort playing on our course where things are a bit more familiar. They have struggled more on other courses, which can be expected, as most of them are seeing those other courses for the first time. I am hoping that this tournament serves as a boost of confidence for them,” said O’Hare. “For Dalke, Wichert, Daniels and Glanzer, by shooting a nine-hole score in the low 50s, this gets them realizing how close they are to breaking that 100 barrier over 18 holes.”

Coming – The Trojans played a JV tournament in Sterling on Monday and a varsity tournament at Halstead on Tuesday. The Marion Co. 36 Hole Invitational Tournament will be all day Friday.