HHS tennis team 7th at Hesston

The Hillsboro tennis team capped a challenging week with a seventh-place finish at the eight-team Hesston Invitational on Friday.

Wichita Independent, with three championships in four categories, took first with 50 points. Hesston scored 36, Smoky Valley 30, Claflin 22, Wichita Collegiate 18, Sacred Heart 15, Hillsboro 14 and Andover 12.

?There were some good teams there,? coach Lynn Wiebe said. ?Wichita Independent is very strong and Hesston continues to play well.?

The tournament followed a two-pool format, with crossover matches for final placing.

In No. 1 singles, Lauren Just lost in pool play to Sarah Hickel of Claflin (1-8), Caroline Lincoln of Independent (8-0) and Kristin McKee of Andover (1-8).

In the match for seventh, Just defeated Hannah Hemmer of Sacred Heart (8-5).

?Lauren played with every one of those girls in her pool, but the scores don?t show how well she competed,? Wiebe said. ?Those girls were some of the top players in the state.?

In No. 1 doubles, Amanda Faber teamed with Greta Wiebe to place third. In pool play, the Trojan duo defeated Claflin (8-3), narrowly lost to an Independent team that placed second at state last year (6-8), then defeated Andover (8-3). They won the third place match by defeating Sacred Heart (8-3).

With Faber struggling for success as a singles player this season after three state appearances in doubles, Coach Wiebe shifted her back to doubles.

?I was amazed,? she said. ?They worked really well together. Greta played very subtly and Amanda was in her comfort zone.?

In No. 2 singles pool play, Maria Loewen lost to Claflin (2-8), Independent (4-8) and defeated Andover (8-5). Loewen lost to Collegiate (4-8) in the fifth-place match.

?Maria really works hard and competed well,? Wiebe said.

In No. 2 doubles, Amber Loewen and Anna Woelk lost in pool play to Claflin (4-8), Inde?pen??dent (0-8) and Andover (7-8 [7]), then lost to Collegiate (2-8) in the seventh-place match.

Smoky Valley?The Trojans endured one of those days they?d just as soon forget last Thursday, finishing eighth among eight teams at the Smoky Valley Invitational in Lindsborg.

Hillsboro managed 25 points to finish behind Hesston at 70, Smoky Valley 58, Claflin 52, Abilene 46, McPherson 37, Hutchinson Trinity 33 and Chapman 31.

?A couple of the girls were not feeling well,? coach Lynn Wiebe said. ?Amanda Faber was fighting heat cramps all day and ultimately defaulted her final round. At No. 1 doubles we just didn?t seem to be able to get things going.?

Faber, playing No. 1 singles, lost to Becki Johnson of Smoky Valley (6-8) in her first match, then defaulted to Barbara Commons of Chapman.

In No. 1 doubles, Lauren Just and Becky Faber lost to Bailey Driskol and Brittany Rohr of Russell (3-8), Sami Mazur and Lizzie Degner of Trinity (3-8) and Melissa Ford and Kelsey Sanborn of Abilene (3-8).

In No. 2 singles, Amber Loewen lost to Randi Englannd of Abilene (3-8), defeated Ashley Eagleberger of Chapman (8-3), then lost to Josie Riggs of Smoky Valley (2-8) in the battle for sixth place.

In No. 2 doubles, Greta Wiebe and Kelsey Bartel lost to Krisha Stoss and Courtney Moran of Claflin (2-8), Staci Regier and Kari Wagoner of McPher?son (6-8) and Erica Pope and Kimberly Prockish of Smoky Valley (5-8).

?We?ve got some good hitters, but our biggest challenge this year is finding the combinations and positions for players that is going to really click,? Coach Wiebe said.

Coming?The Trojans will be in action next at Wichita Collegiate on Tuesday, Sept. 18., then will host their own invitational on Thursday with matches starting 3 p.m. at the Sports Complex.

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