Goessel Cheer squad enjoys activity

Katie Wright, a sophomore, has been on the squad for two years. Her favorite part of cheer is having the opportunity to learn new dances and stunts and being able to show the fans what cheer is really about.

I am looking forward to dancing and cheering with the little girls at our mini cheer clinic,” said Wright.

Makayla Davis, a junior, has been a Goessel bluebird cheerleader for three years. Her favorite moments are the feelings she gets after performing and nailing it as a team.

It is such a wonderful feeling after working so hard behind the scenes with my squad members,” said Davis.

Elyse Boden, a senior, is the longest standing squad member with four years under her belt. “Cheer has really helped bring me outside of my shell in these past years. I have gained so much confidence and I enjoy sharing smiles and positivity with others,” said Boden.

Zackary Guerrero, also a senior and the only male, has been on the team for two years.

My favorite memory from this year would have to be working on new stunts and routines with my squad,” said Guerrero.

Lovisa Hoegberg, a senior foreign exchange student, is enjoying her year on the squad.

My favorite part of being a cheerleader is to work as a team to hit new stunts and routines. It’s always fun to show off and perform things we have worked so hard on,” said Hoegberg.

Brooke Nafziger, two-year member and senior, said, “My favorite cheer memory is performing our dance routines and seeing the team come together gaining confidence as a squad.”

Logan Wonser, sophomore, is enjoying her first year on the squad.

My favorite cheer memory is spending time at practices together working hard on routines and spending time with each other outside of school getting ready for games or just bonding,” said Wonser.

Another first-year team member and sophomore is Tina Yoakum.

She said, “My favorite memory is when we went to sonic as a squad and we all got to know each other. It was a really great time!”

Riley Graber is just getting started as a freshman.

My all-time favorite thing about cheer is when we all do something as a group and in the end we all have huge smiles on our faces so big that our smiles hurt from laughing so hard. You can only find that kind of friendship with our squad,” said Graber.

Rylee Walker, another freshman, also enjoys the funny moments.

One thing I love about cheer is the bonds that we make as a team. My favorite memory from this year is just bonding with other squad members on bus rides to games and, of course, the funny things that come up,” said Walker.

The Goessel Bluebirds are coached by Alicia Cox.