Tournament draws 18 teams

Representatives from both men’s leagues and women’s leagues competed along with members of youth leagues and the public for cash prizes totaling $305, and certificates for individual awards were presented.


Team results

Cardie Oil 2,906 (D. Sisk, S. Alcorn, C. Miller, R. Cain)

Bailey’s Tavern 2,813

(G. Schaefer, J. Funk, M. Bell, K. Remmers)

SherBowl 2,785

(P. Kinning, B.Johnson, D. Funk, L. Sherbert)

Doubles results

A. Hoffman / J. Stenzel 1,573

T. Waner / J.Brewer 1,489

J. Funk / R. Klassen 1,469

D. Funk / L. Sherbert 1,464

L. Sherbert / B. Sherbert 1,458

S. Steward / E. Svitak 1,457

Individual Results

Women’s hi game (scratch), L. Sherbert 265

Men’s hi game (scratch), J. Brewer 298

Women’s hi series (scratch), L. Sherbert 661

Men’s hi series (scratch), R. Cain 706

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