Tabor College hosts two-day football camp

CatchingGrayson Ratzlaff keeps his eyes on the ball prior to making the catch from quarterback Dawson Stucky as Jaxxon Hanschu looks on during a receiving drill facilitated by Tabor College football coach Mike Gardner Friday. The drill was part of a two-day camp hosted at Tabor by Gardner and his staff. The 26 boys formed two age groups:?third through fifth grade and sixth through eighth grade. Gardner said he worked with the younger group on basic fundamentals in the morning, while keeping them as active as possible. He then transitioned to the older group in the afternoon, he said, where they worked on things such as pass coverage, special teams drills, a wide receiver gauntlet and various contests, including distance punting, and kicking and throwing accuracy. ?The great thing about working with these guys is that these kids that we?ve had at this camp for the last few years are just great kids,??Gardner said. ?They?re very respectful and they?re very coachable, and that?s what I really enjoy about it.?

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