Small bodies, big moves rule the day at Hillsboro


Nearly 250 wrestlers from 20 youth wrestling clubs from around the state participated in the 14th annual Hillsboro Takedown Tournament Saturday in Brown Gymnasium.

“The tournament ran very smoothly and we had a great turnout,” said Scott O’Hare, director of the tournament and the Hillsboro Wrestling Club.

“The parents involved with the program really did a fine job stepping up to help with tournament preparation, helping throughout the tournament, and coaching these young wrestlers,” he said.

“I am very excited about the direction the Hillsboro wrestling program is headed and look forward to the opportunity to continue working with these kids and their families.”

The Hillsboro Wrestling Club was respresented by 30 wrestlers. Following are their results.


6 & Under Division: Peyton Miller, 0-3, fourth; Evan Jones. 2-1, second; Cooper Hefley, 2-1 second; Emery Dalke, 1-2, third; Anthony Fickes, 0-3, fourth; Colby Suderman, 1-2, third; Daniel Gomez, 3-0, first; Easton Shahan, 0-2, third; Layne Clark, 2-0, first; Logan Rogers, 0-3, fourth; Josiah Wiebe, 0-3, fourth; Lane Mayfield, 1-2, third; Carson Batterton, 3-0, first.

8 & Under Division: Eli Dalke, 0-3, fourth; Garrett Helmer, 3-0, first; Tristan Rathbone, 2-1, second; Camden Padgett, 3-0, first; Lane Rogers, 0-2, third; Connor Padgett, 3-0, first; Kaden Jenkins, 0-3, fourth.

10 & Under Division: Demarius Cox, 0-3, fourth; Jessi Dalke, 0-3, fourth; Jordon Bachman, 1-2, third; Devin Gomez, 3-0, first; Elias Kalua, 0-3, fourth; Raymond Johnston, 1-1, second; Trevor Jasper, 0-3, fourth.

12 & Under Division: Jasper Lackey, 2-1, second; Zachary McKissick, 2-1, second; Dylan McKissick, 0-3. fourth.

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