Jesse Hamm wins demolition derby


A driver in the first heat of Saturday?s demolition derby narrowly avoids a double-whammy, but takes a hard hit from eventual heat winner Jason Hamm (driving the car at left). Hamm was the second to last driver eliminated in the final.

Jesse Hamm aced out Jason Hamm for first place at Saturday?s demolition derby. Jason Hamm won the first preliminary heat to reach the final, and Jesse emerged from the second preliminary heat.

Scott Schultz and Tony Hett advanced from the fourth heat and placed third and fourth, respectively. Thayne Meier placed fifth in the final. Seven others competed in the final: John Smith, Levi Wiggins, Jason Bernhardt, Jacob Daniels, Greg Schmalzried, Darrin Hajek and Lance Diepenbrock.

In the compact cars division, Darcy Unruh placed first, Lloyd Anderson placed second, Cory Hiebert placed third and Scott Alcorn placed fourth?officially.

Unofficially, the battle came down to Hiebert and Anderson, after an odd sequence saw all four drivers drop out of contention almost simultaneously. Anderson used the rear of his Ford Pinto to knock Alcorn out of commission, but became irretrievably stuck when Hiebert plowed into the two-car pile at the south end of the arena. The hit from Hiebert nudged Anderson?s bumper onto a collapsed portion of Alcorn?s vehicle, lifting Anderson?s rear tires off of the surface. With Anderson unable to pull away, all three were pinned to the dirt berm near the vehicle entrance.

When Unruh revved up for a long charge, his motor unexpectedly quit near the center of the arena, causing the crowd, Hiebert and Anderson to demand a restart.

The evening?s prize money totaled $4,750: 12 finalists with $100 apiece plus an additional $1,000 for first place, $700 for second, $400 for third, $250 for fourth and $150 for fifth.

Schultz won the $100 ?Mad Dog? award for the most aggressive driver, and a total of $950 was awarded to the top placers in the compact cars division.


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