Hillsboro coach leads swim team at a Fast pace

Hillsboro swim team coach and alum Courtney Fast returned for her third year coaching this season, taking her turn to share what she’s learned with another generation of swimmers.

“I wanted to pass along my knowledge of the sport to my kids, push them to get better and faster, while having fun and creating personal relationships with each swimmer,” Fast said. “I wouldn’t trade those relationships for the world.”

Fast is an accomplished swimmer in her own right, with an NAIA team national title under her belt with Fresno (Calif.) Pacific University.

She said that experience has been invaluable, including getting to train under a coach who received NAIA “Coach of the Year” honors all four years she swam at FPU.

“Learning from him, and different ways of explaining things to the kids, has been a great foundation for me to work off of,” she said. “Not every swimmer learns the same ways.”

Fast said she loves coaching and would “do it in a heartbeat” if offered the opportunity.

“Every time I see a swimmer after a race with a smile on their face, those are the moments I treasure and think, ‘Yeah, it’s all worth it,’” she said. “The hugs, the laughter, the kids dancing while cheering each other on—those are the special moments.”

She said it’s her hope that each swimmer be proud of themselves for the work they put in this summer and have a great feeling when they think about this season.

“I would love for each of them to continue their passion for swimming,” Fast said.

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