Goessel council reviews permit for using fireworks

The Goessel City Council reviewed the July 4 fireworks permit form during its June 21 meeting.

The following restrictions were noted on the form:

? Applicants must be Goessel residents who are over 18 years old.

? Hours for discharging fireworks in the city shall be only between the hours of midnight on July 2 to midnight on July 4.

? Bottle rockets and other similar self-propelled devices are not allowed in the city.

? It is unlawful to throw fireworks at any animal, person or group of people or vehicle.

? Fireworks may only be discharged on property owned or controlled by the requesting party.

? Permit applicants are responsible to clean up their discharged fireworks.

? The city of Goessel is not responsible for any accidents.

? The Goessel Police Department is authorized to seize and confiscate all fireworks that may be kept, stored or used in violation of the permit.

? Permits must be returned to the city office by 5 p.m. July 2.

To get a complete list of restrictions, residents are advised to pick up a form at the city office.

Rec commission

On another matter, mayor Peggy Jay mentioned that the Recreation Commission had planned community swimming events at the Hillsboro pool, and have been maintaining the baseball diamonds, noting that baseball games bring people into town.

Members of the commission had spent a considerable amount of time preparing the baseball diamonds for games following the recent rain.

Commission members are Dale Wiens, Kelly Booton, Joan Nightengale, Brian Burkholder and Chad Lindeman.

Jay expressed appreciation for their work.

Public works employee Karen Dalke discussed water issues with the council.

?We had a lot of rain the other night,? she said. ?We were overwhelmed at the lift station.?

Dalke said that Mayer Specialty had told her that 60 percent of the water in the system comes in through manholes. She said Mayer Specialty can spray a product onto the manholes to help correct the problem. It would cost $100 per linear foot.

Dalke had seen a demonstration of the process at a class.

?I think we need to get serious about this,? she said. Pumps ran ?non-stop? day and night during the recent rain.

?Somewhere we?re getting water in our lines that we shouldn?t be.?

Councilor Duane Duerksen wondered how much it would cost to spray each manhole. Dalke said the cost would be about $1,000 for each one.

Duerksen also asked how the water is getting in. Dalke answered, ?Through the bricks, through the grout,? and maybe some through the lids.

Councilor Jim Wiens suggested checking the price of replacing the manholes with new ones.

Duerksen also mentioned cleaning out more ditches in town. Dalke said the ditches out of town also need to be cleaned. Councilor Larry Lindeman added that ditches need to be cleaned out clear to Harvey County.

Communities In Schools

The council approved a $1,000 donation to Communities In Schools. Linda Ogden, executive director, said grants are written for specific purposes, and the county receives about $200,000 in grant money per year.

She said, ?In order to get grants, we have to have matching funds,? adding that CIS tries to provide money to needy families. ?We paid $818 for Goessel residents for utility bills, in order to keep residents in town and children in school here.?

CIS has paid a maximum of $200 per family in a 12-month period, but it can only pay $100 now because of a lack of funds.

Applicants have to document need, Ogden said. CIS coordinates with the ministerial alliance, Social and Rehabilita?tive Services and the Salvation Army to provide services.

Ogden said, ?If you add up all the money we put back into this town,? it is more than what the city donates to CIS. ?It?s actually economic development.?

Duerksen said, ?I?ve personally seen that they do a lot of good in town.?

Other business

In other business, the council:

? noted the city office will be closed Monday, July 5, since that is a legal holiday.

? heard Police Chief Joe Base report he issued one warning for speed, one notice to appear for driving on a suspended drivers license, one notice to appear for driving without proof of insurance, and one notice for driving under the influence.

He also investigated two suspicious person reports and one suspicious vehicle report, multiple dog complaints and one dog bite case, multiple unattended child reports (one with SRS), two vandalism reports, one trespassing report, one threat, two thefts, one burglary, one stolen vehicle, one case of burning trash in town and two bank alarms.

He sent two letters concerning inoperable vehicles and performed one welfare check.

? heard that Base had attended a drug interdiction and car stop class in Wichita, organized by the Florence Police Department and the El Paso (Texas) Intelligence Center.

? heard that Base had attended a class in Hillsboro on disaster response.

? discussed dilapidated houses in town and the proper method for noting safety hazards. The council agreed to contact a house inspector and put together a list of unfit houses.

Concern for substandard housing was discussed, particularly in relation to fire hazards.

Councilor Dallas Boese said the ministerial alliance sometimes helps in such situations.

? discussed building inspections for remodeled houses. No permit is required for repairs or maintenance of windows, doors, siding, painting and roofing, which do not alter the structure of the house. But City Clerk Anita Goertzen noted that all remodeling has to be according to the Uniform Building Code.

If the remodeling costs more than $1,000, a permit is required, she added. A permit is also required for changing the structure of a house. Repairs and replacement of plumbing and electric service need to inspected as a matter of safety.

? heard that Dirksen Construction soon will begin work on the parking area in front of Keith?s Foods.

? heard from Councilor Larry Lindeman that drivers do not stay within the 20 mph speed limit on Church Street.

? heard Councilor Dallas Boese say the ?skate park looks like it?s progressing.? He asked if the city needs to inspect it.

? heard from Dalke that she expected the pads for the crosswalks to arrive June 21. The company will help put them down on the pavement.

? listened to Lindeman?s question about speed limit signs for State Street.

?It?s been a long process,? Base said. He had met with Jim Herzet of the Marion County Road & Bridge Department, and Goertzen had talked to the state clerk about the signs.

? briefly discussed livestock in town. ?We need to do something,? Jay said.

? entered into executive session for 25 minutes to discuss personnel issues but had nothing to report in open session.

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