Notes from the KCAC media day…

Media day is a great day if you ask me. Here are some of the highlights from the back pages of my notebook, where my thoughts on the non-Tabor KCAC teams usually go to die:

n McPherson will run a spread offense. Judging by the squiggliness of my handwriting, I think it was roughly here that the tryptophan in my turkey sandwich caught up with me. Also: If there were a preseason poll for media people to predict who would bring the best media guide, McPherson?s guide would finish one first-place vote behind Kansas Wesleyan?s guide.

n Saint Mary, upset by loose talk from people outside its program ?have something to prove.? Of all the teams picked in the bottom half of the conference, I think Saint Mary is primed to climb should one of the higher picks implode.

n Ottawa plays McKendree on August 29. I liked the joke Kent Kessinger told about trademarking the helmet logo and suing anybody who takes a picture of it. I hope that joke will still be funny on the day I die.

n Kansas Wesleyan expects to be 10-deep on the defensive line and returns its whole defensive secondary, including three 4-year starters. Or maybe they?re going to play a 3-4 defense?my handwriting went all squiggly about halfway down the page. I guess that would be about 10 minutes after my last bit of coffee for the afternoon.

n Sterling reminded me why I like football: ?We don?t want to make football more than it is…it?s about blocking and tackling, or not getting blocked or not getting tackled…we don?t want to make football less than it is…chemistry and buy-in, the intangibles that are so important to our success.? If a man could fall in love with a paragraph full of cliches, without facing sanctions from civilized society, I?d probably marry ?We don?t want to make football more than it is…?

n Bethel. When coach Mike Moore was asked to expound on the value of the Goessel-Bethel connection that has grown over the years, it seemed plain as cracked poker faces that the rest of the conference recognizes just how important that pipeline has been for Bethel?s success in athletics.

And when Moore noted the Threshers would have the strongest-armed quarterback in the conference if Garrett Hiebert wins the starting job, I did not see one coach shake his head as if to disagree.

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