News via Twitter, trivia and many thank yous

This weekend, Carl Crawford joined one of the few leadoff hitters? clubs that Ricky Henderson did not either define or redefine. In honor of Crawford?s achievement, this edition of the Bench Press is dedicated to sports trivia.
Before I make with my best impression of Alex Trebek, I?d like to share a couple of thoughts on the recent Kansas Press Association convention that the Free Press editorial staff attended on April 25.
First, because of the Sports Section award we won, I?ve personally heard more props from John Q. Public in the last week than I heard in my whole time at the Free Press so far.
So, many, many thank yous.
It has been doubly enjoyable to hear so much feedback because of a key question under consideration at this year?s KPA convention: how can technology help newspapers strengthen their connection to their communities?
Second, feedback from readers is great, but it is a one-way street.
There is a word for what happens when feedback becomes a two-way street: participation.
So treat this trivia column as a kind of experiment. I?m not including answers this week because I?m hoping people will write in. I can?t promise any prizes for right answers, but in the next edition of the Bench Press I will be listing everyone (if anyone) who writes in with a correct answer.
Before I get to the questions, I?d also like to mention another experiment I?m starting: local sports news on Twitter.
As in, if you want to find out what is going on in Tabor sports as fast as I?m finding out what is going on in Tabor sports, ?follow? me on Twitter. My username is andrewottoson.
If I can get to 100 followers, I?ll start updating live from whatever sporting events I?m attending. Also, if you?re interested, I?ve started posting the newest news from around the conference under the tag #KCAC.
OK, on to the trivia questions. Some of them may not be easy.
Six steals, one game: Carl Crawford of the Tampa Bay Rays swiped six bases during Sunday?s 5-3 win over Boston. Who are the other three players to steal six bases in one game?
Bonds away: Barry Bonds won the National League Most Valuable Player award seven times, including a record-setting four in a row from 2001-2004. Bonds won his first MVP 14 years before he won his last.
Which two other players won a second MVP more than 10 years after winning a first?
Cutler comparison: Prior to Jay Cutler, who was the last star NFL quarterback to be traded before his 30th birthday?
Among the stars: Who was the first undrafted NFL quarterback to be inducted into the hall of fame? Hint: he entered the league in 1989?the same year Troy Aikman was chosen No. 1 overall.
Lamp light: Earlier this year, Alexander Ovechkin won the NHL?s goal scoring title for the second consecutive season. What player most recently won three NHL goal scoring titles in a row?
Overcoming overtime, Part I: Anaheim?s Todd Marchant beat Detroit goalie Chris Osgood 1:15 into the third overtime to cap Anaheim?s 4-3 win over Detroit Sunday. Who scored the game winner in the longest overtime game in NHL history?
Cousy for three?: Which Boston Celtics coach passed on Bob Cousy in the 1950 NBA draft? Who did Boston choose instead? With which pick was Cousy selected?
Overcoming overtime, Part II: The Celtics and the Chicago Bulls played a record-setting seven overtimes during their seven-game series, won by the Celts 4-3 on Saturday. In 1951, one NBA game lasted six overtimes. Which teams were involved?
Not quite trivial: What do Byron ?Whizzer? White, Bill Bradley, Alan Page, Jim Bun?ning, Ken Dryden, Roger Ban?nister and Jack Kemp have in common?
Send answers, questions, comments, story ideas and sports-related lunatic ravings to

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