Celtics-Lakers would be a dream matchup

Watching Boston close out the Cavs was a real treat for my dad, and he and I will probably be watching just about every Celtics game from here on in together.

Just having the opportunity to jabber back and forth with him was a real treat for me. Without my brother around to keep us from jumping off the deep end, there?s no one to keep our running commentary within the realm of the realistic.

Thankfully, he and I aren?t the only ones who make over-the-top observations about professional basketball.

One of the Sports Sunday guys actually compared Rajon Rondo?22 year old Boston Celtics point guard?to Isiah Thomas.

* * *

Before I get lost in that ocean of silliness or drown in a sea of lousy analogies, I should point out the rock-solid fact that the NBA has two fantastic throwback conference finals matchups this year.

As much as I?d have liked to see one of those Celtics-Lakers matchups of old, I?ve been openly rooting for New Orleans and Chris Paul since the all-star game. I?m not going to stop any time soon.

But since the Spurs slammed the door on that hope on Monday, I?ll be openly rooting for anything except another San Antonio-Detroit pairing.

* * *

Back to Rondo, whose 8-points, 8-assists, 8-rebounds night in a winning effort against the Cavaliers was a tremendous accomplishment for him to put on his resume. But comparing him to Isiah? That?s beyond absurd.

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