Track: Canton-Galva’s HS track team traveled to Burrton on Tuesday for a meet hosted by Central Christian (Hutchinson). Other teams attending were Centre, Burrton, Solomon, and Little River.

“The CG boys finished 4th out of 6 teams. Leading the Eagles today in Burrton with three medals was senior Tyler Rummel: 2nd in discus, 3rd in shot, and 3rd in javelin. Morgan Becker added a 2nd place in the 1600, while 3rd places were earned by Caden Marley in the 100 and Tanner Koehn in the 400,” said head coach Tina McMannis.

The CG girls scored 25 points to place 5th as a team.

“They had a lot of 5th and 6th place finishes, but brought home a couple 3rd place medals with Emily Lance in the 400 and Aleah Peres in javelin,” said McMannis.

The next regular season meet for the team will be on Tuesday, April 20, when Little River hosts a meet at Lyons.

Some of the highlights for the girls were:

Shot put–5th Sarah Kendall 25-2

Discus–5th Sarah Kendall 67-6

Javelin–3rd Aleah Peres 76-10

Long jump–5th Emily Lance 12-9, 6th Carley Schmidt 12-8, Natalie Street 11-10.75

100 hurdles–5th Emily Lance 21.5, 6th Carley Schmidt 21.59

100 m dash–6th Natalie Street 15.62

200 m dash–5th Natalie Street 32.16, Carley Schmidt 34.25

400 m dash–3rd Emily Lance 1:13.16

Some of the boy’s highlights were:

Shot put–3rd Tyler Rummel 34-11, Conner Koehn 30-7, Preston Minson 29-6.5

Discus–2nd Tyler Rummel 106-0, 6th Conner Koehn 93-11, Preston Minson 60-10.5

Javelin–3rd Tyler Rummel 109-7, Conner Koehn 80-5

Long jump–5th Jaden Ediger 16-7.5, Dominick Burch 13-8

100 m dash–3rd Caden Marley 12.55, Jaden Ediger 12.93, Dominick Burch 14.07

200 m dash–Caden Marley 26.27, Jaden Ediger 26.76, Tanner Koehn 27.12

400 m dash–3rd Tanner Koehn 59.75

1600 m run–2nd Morgan Becker 5:00.51, 5th Caden Marley 5:55.04


Centre track competed at the Central Christian CKTL track meet which was held at Burrton on Tuesday, April 13. There were six teams who participated including Burrton, Canton-Galva, Central Christian, Little River and Solomon.

The boys came in at 6th place overall. Here are their highlights:

Luke Hudson- Long Jump – 17’ 0” – 4th place, Javelin – 112’ 4”– 2nd place

Nick Krch- 300 meter Intermediate Hurdles – 54.51 – 2nd place

The girls took 3rd place overall. Here are their highlights:

Alyssa Espinoza – Triple Jump – 30’ 2” – 4th place

Carly Deines – 100 Meter High Hurdles – 21.03 – 4th place, Long Jump – 13’ 5” – 3rd place

Lili Espinoza -100 meters – 14.81 – 2nd place, Long Jump – 13’ 7” – 2nd place

Mariah Brasch – 300 meter Low Hurdles – 1:16.55 – 5th place

Michelle Brasch – 400 meters – 1:23.78 – 5th place

Emilee Remmers – High Jump – 4’ 0” – 2nd place

Allie Stuchlik – 800 meters – 3:11.53 – 3rd place, 1600 meters – 6:41.23 – 2nd place

Girls 4 x 100 meter relay team – Lili Espinoza, Alyssa Espinoza, Carly Deines, Samantha Espinoza -56.42 – 2nd place

Girls 4 x 400 meter relay team – Lili Espinoza, Destiny Howe, Allie Stuchlik, Samantha Espinoza -5:53.59 – 4thplace


Track: The Bluebirds participated in the Hillsboro track meet on Tuesday, April 13. Six teams competed including Berean Academy, Sterling, Sedgwick, Hillsboro and Douglass. Goessel girls came in 5th overall and the boys came in at 4th.

Here are the highlights:

Girls Shot Put:

7 Lyna McCombs Goessel 28-09.00

Boys Shot Put

6 Dylan Riley Goessel 31-02.50 1

Girls Discus Throw

9 Rylee Walker Goessel 72-10

12 Ashley Rosfeld Goessel 70-02.50 13

Girls High Jump

3 Riley Graber Goessel 4-06.00 6

5 Alece Lehrman Goessel J4-04.00 2

Boys High Jump

3 Caleb Burkholder Goessel 5-06.00 6 4

5 Joey Lapp Goessel J5-04.00 2

Boys Long Jump

5 Nate Zogleman Goessel 17-07.00 2

14 Wade Spurlin Goessel 14-06.50

Girls Triple Jump

9 Jaicee Griffin Goessel 26-02.25

Boys Triple Jump

3 Jacob Schrag Goessel 38-09.50 6

8 Joey Lapp Goessel 33-01.50

Girls Javelin Throw

5 Tiffany Popp Goessel 73-10 2

6 Kaleigh Guhr Goessel 73-01 1

8 Ashley Rosfeld Goessel 71-04

Boys Javelin Throw

4 Dylan Riley Goessel 124-09 4

11 Jake Flaming Goessel 94-05

Boys Pole Vault

7 Dawson Duerksen Goessel 9-00.00

Boys 3200 Meter Run

4 Ben Olson Goessel 11:42.04 4

8 Javin Schmidt Goessel 13:09.92

Girls 4×800 Meter Relay

3 Goessel A 13:31.27 6 1) Braylyn Hoopes 2) Jaicee Griffin 3) Alyson Roberts 4) Alece Lehrman

Boys 4×800 Meter Relay

2 Goessel A 9:35.69 8 1) Eddie Gaeddert 2) Jacob Schrag 3) Timothy Schrag 4) David Johnson

Girls 100 Meter Hurdles

5 Cheyenne Sawyer Goessel 19.51 2

7 Chloe Smith Goessel 20.64

Boys 110 Meter Hurdles

2 Grant Bryant Goessel 18.20 8

Girls 100 Meter Dash

8 Kaleigh Guhr Goessel 14.80

11 Rylee Walker Goessel 15.21

Boys 100 Meter Dash

2 Luke Wiens Goessel 12.07 8

Girls 1600 Meter Run

6 Jaicee Griffin Goessel 6:55.58 1

8 Braylyn Hoopes Goessel 7:17.39

Boys 1600 Meter Run

5 Nate Zogleman Goessel 5:06.95 2

7 Timothy Schrag Goessel 5:29.54

10 Eddie Gaeddert Goessel 5:42.57

Girls 4×100 Meter Relay

Goessel A 56.77 6 1) Cheyenne Sawyer 2) Riley Graber 3) Emily Flaming 4) Kaleigh Guhr

Boys 4×100 Meter Relay

2 Goessel A 46.94 7 1) Grant Bryant 2) Jake Wiens 3) Luke Wiens 4) Klay Willis

Girls 400 Meter Dash

4 Raechel Boese Goessel 1:11.69 4

5 Elizabeth Schmucker Goessel 1:11.82 2

6 Emily Flaming Goessel 1:14.53 1

7 Hailey Lowrance Goessel 1:20.45

Girls 300 Meter Hurdles

1 Cheyenne Sawyer Goessel 53.10 10

Boys 300 Meter Hurdles

2 Grant Bryant Goessel 46.92 8

4 Luke Wiens Goessel 47.54 4

5 Jake Flaming Goessel 49.05 1.5

7 Dylan Riley Goessel 49.73

Boys 800 Meter Run

6 Jacob Schrag Goessel 2:18.56 1

7 Timothy Schrag Goessel 2:22.26

9 Ben Olson Goessel 2:22.80

Boys 200 Meter Dash

2 Luke Wiens Goessel 25.14 8

Boys 4×400 Meter Relay

3 Goessel A 3:50.05 6 1) Grant Bryant 2) Dylan Riley 3) Jacob Schrag 4) Nate Zogleman


Golf: HHS Golf played at the Sacred Heart Invitational at the Salina Municipal Golf Course on Thursday, April 15.

Six teams were eligible for team scores. Hillsboro came in 5th with a total of 402 points.

Junior Frank Wichert did well with a total score of 88.

“I am very proud of Frank. This was his career low round to date and his first time breaking into the 80s. That is generally a big milestone and often leads to a huge confidence boost. The nice thing is that he has identified just a few little things to improve on that can save him several more strokes per round. I believe his game is moving in a very positive direction,” said head coach Scott O’Hare.

Senior Paul Glanzer had a score of 102 and junior Eli Dalke came in with a 105.

“At this point the others are struggling to post numbers that they are capable of. All five of them have developed decent swings that can produce solid golf shots. The biggest issues at this point are consistency, club selection, and course management. These things will be a big focus for us over the next several weeks,” said O’Hare.

The coach has a plan for the next meet and is pleased with the way his team is listening to his instruction.

“They all need to develop the ability to consistently swing the club to make solid strikes, identify the distances they are hitting each club on average, and then learning how to recover from bad shots to reduce the damage. I am proud of how all of our golfers are working to improve. They have been very coachable and enthusiastic about working to get better,” said O’Hare.

Track: HHS hosted the CKTL track meet on Tuesday, April 13. Six teams participated including Berean Academy, Sterling, Sedgwick, Goessel and Douglass. Hillsboro took 3rd for both the girls and the boys.

Here are some of the highlights:

Girls Shot Put

1 Jessica Saunders Hillsboro 37-03.00 10

Boys Shot Put

1 Jared Janzen Hillsboro 46-04.50 10

4 Deon Weeks Hillsboro 34-03.00 4

Girls Discus Throw

1 Jessica Saunders Hillsboro 117-03.50 10

Boys Discus Throw

1 Jared Janzen Hillsboro 142-01 10

Girls Long Jump

1 D’Myia Cox Hillsboro 15-03.50 10

2 Sammie Saunders Hillsboro J15-03.50 8

3 Kinsey Kleiner Hillsboro 14-11.50 6

Boys Long Jump

2 Jamari Harris Hillsboro 19-00.50 8

Girls Triple Jump

1 D’Myia Cox Hillsboro 32-07.50 10

3 Sammie Saunders Hillsboro 31-02.00 6

Boys Triple Jump

1 Carson Linnens Hillsboro 43-01.00 10

5 Pedro Nieto Hillsboro 35-04.00 2

Girls Javelin Throw

3 Jessica Saunders Hillsboro 87-02 6

Boys Javelin Throw

1 Cole Kaufman Hillsboro 145-07 10

6 Deon Weeks Hillsboro 107-05 1

Girls 3200 Meter Run

2 Moriah Jost Hillsboro 14:15.24 8

4 Trudy Hein Hillsboro 14:52.71 4

Girls 100 Meter Dash

4 D’Myia Cox Hillsboro 14.18 4

Girls 1600 Meter Run

1 Emersyn Funk Hillsboro 6:02.11 10

Boys 1600 Meter Run

1 Tristan Reed Hillsboro 4:49.21 10

3 Levi Allen Hillsboro 4:54.74 6

Boys 4×100 Meter Relay

2 Hillsboro A 46.94 7 1) Carson Linnens 2) Pedro Nieto 3) Tyson Plenert 4) Nate Hein

Girls 300 Meter Hurdles

4 Sammie Saunders Hillsboro 1:00.06 4

Boys 300 Meter Hurdles

5 Tyson Plenert Hillsboro 49.05 1.5

Girls 800 Meter Run

2 Ainsley Duell Hillsboro 2:46.36 8

Boys 800 Meter Run

4 Tristan Reed Hillsboro 2:10.23 4

5 Levi Allen Hillsboro 2:17.06 2

Boys 200 Meter Dash

4 Jamari Harris Hillsboro 25.66 4

8 Cole Kaufman Hillsboro 25.88

Boys 4×400 Meter Relay

2 Hillsboro A 3:48.07 8 1) Carson Linnens 2) Levi Allen 3) Tristan Reed 4) Pedro Nieto

Softball: The Hillsboro Softball team swept Remington last week, 21-7 and 16-6. Both games were big offensive showings for the Trojans.

In the first game, Hillsboro broke free of Remington in the fourth inning when they went up 7-2 before adding three runs in the fifth and a whopping 11 in the sixth.

Skylre Stucky led the way with four hits and five RBI on offense for the game. Reese Hefley pitched in three hits as did Anslee Brewer.

In the second game, Hillsboro wasted no time and got up 6-2 in the first inning. They played Remington to a stalemate in the second inning, but then poured in seven runs over the next three innings to take a healthy lead, 13-6. Three runs in the seventh gave them the final margin of victory, 16-3.

Hefley had two hits and three RBI to led the way offensively while Kori Arnold led the way pitching, going all seven innings and striking out five Remington batters.



Track: Marion High School hosted the Marion CKTL meet on Tuesday, April 13. Six teams participated including Halstead, Inman, Lyons, Hesston, Herrington and Marion. Marion came in 6th place for both girls and boys.

“Man, what a tough meet but what a great meet to participate in. By the end of the meet the weather was pretty brutal. Our workers do a great job of hosting this meet and it seems that it just keeps getting tougher every year,” said head coach Grant Thierolf.

The Warrior girls were led in scoring by Anne Baliel, who placed second in the pole vault and second in the 200M.

“She is still getting her timing down in the vault, so she didn’t go as high as she would have liked but it is early. Abigail had another solid day for us in the jumps and ran a very good 200M in some challenging conditions. Grayce ran well and continues to get better at the 400 in the 4x400M relay. Mckinnon had a good day, just missing on some points in the shot and discus but getting a place with a PR in the javelin throw. Heidi ran a solid leg for us in the 4x400M relay and will add to her workload in the next meet. Gabby did a nice job in the 100M hurdles and will add the 300M hurdles in the next meet. Amber Miller had a good day, posting two PRs in her events. She is working hard to get better and it is nice to see improvement,” said Thierolf.

The Warrior boys were led by their two seniors with Todd Palic placing first in the javelin and second in the discus.

“He is off to a good start and will only get better as the season goes along. Burton Harshman was on the way to a very good meet when he came up with an injury in the triple jump. We hope to get him back in a couple of weeks and look forward to his leadership and coaching ability in the next couple of weeks. Chance Shults had his best day of the year in the pole vault. He and Campbell Winter give us a chance to score points in the vault and in the hurdles at each meet and they will just continue to get better as they improve their technique. I was really pleased with our two young distance runners. Tristen Dye raced a great race in the 800M, staying with the first group all the way through the race. Big Time Run! Christopher Beery ran well in his heat of the 1600M and then gutted out an uncomfortable 3200M Solid day for those two. Jonathan Frese ran a pretty good 200M, he had the fastest time by a freshman and will work to build that speed in the coming weeks,” said Thierolf.

The Warriors will compete at Halstead on April 23.

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