12/15/21 Area Sports Roundup


Centre played Chase County on Tuesday, Dec. 7 and Chase County won with the final score of 48-27.

Centre played Herington on Friday, Dec. 10. Herington won by three points for a final score of 43-40.


Boys Basketball- The Goessel Boys Basketball team placed third in the annual Goessel Bluebird Classic this past weekend, beating Central Christian, 45-34 in final round of the tournament.

Goessel got up early with a 13-6 run, and closed the half up, 26-18. They would continue to build their lead in the second half with Skyler Wuest leading the way in scoring with 15 points to lead all scorers.

Caiden Duerksen was second on the team in scoring with 11.

In the game prior, Goessel edged out Little River, 39-38. Duerksen led all scorers with 18 while Wuest had 12 for the Bluebirds.

Coming— The Bluebirds will play next on Friday, Dec. 17 at home against Udall.

Girls Basketball- The Lady Bluebirds took fifth place at the Goessel Bluebird Classic this past weekend after beating Canton-Galva, 40-18 in the final round.

Goessel held Canton-Galva to just one point in the first quarter and continued to play good defense throughout the game building their lead throughout.

Cheyenne Sawyer led the way for the Bluebirds with 15 points while Braylyn Hoops had eight in the contest. In the game prior, Goessel lost to Little River 50-21.

Coming— The Bluebirds will play next on Friday, Dec. 17 at home against Udall.


Hillsboro boys won the Moundridge Preseason Tournament.

Boys basketball: The Trojans played in the Moundridge Tournament last week where they took on Inman, Moundridge and Lyons and won the tournament after defeating all three teams.

Hillsboro started out the week playing against Inman on Tuesday. They beat Inman 65-37.

“We had a great team effort against Inman. We played with high energy the entire game. Defensively, we took them out of their offense and forced tough shots the entire evening. Offensively, we moved the ball well and took high percentage shots. We had four starters in double figures, excellent play from everyone, and we and shot the ball well! Scoring 59 points in three quarters is really good offense,” said Coach Darrel Knoll.

Matthew Potucek led in rebounding with seven. He also took a charge, and he got 8/12 from the field to score his 17 points. Frank Wichert also had an excellent game defensively. He guarded well and had three steals. He also shot 5/7 from the field. Brekyn Ratzlaff led in scoring with 18, featuring 9/19 from the line. He’s played solid defense according to Knoll.

On Thursday, Hillsboro beat Moundridge 60-42.

“I was really happy with our defense. Moundridge has really good shooters and we were able to limit them, and for the most part, force tough shots without fouling. We also forced 15 turnovers and had 13 deflections and limited them to just two offensive boards,” said Knoll. “Offensively, we did a great job getting to the rim and drawing fouls on them. We did miss several shots at the rim, especially in the 3rd and 4th quarter, but we scored enough to maintain the lead in each quarter.

Wichert, Grayson Ratzlaff, Tyson Plenert, and Duncan Duell shot the ball well. Grayson Raztlaff led the team with 17 points despite being in foul trouble and Wichert added 10 points. Brekyn Ratzlaff did a great job getting to the FT line, connecting on all eight free throws.

“It was a great team effort versus Moundridge, with our defense being the deciding factor,” Knoll said.

The week ended with Hillsboro beating Lyons on Friday night 60-20.

“Defensively, we didn’t allow Lyons to get into their offense of taking good shots most of the game. It was a great effort, and I was happy with our team in terms of staying fairly sharp against a team that was missing four starters. As has been the case this season, we played great defense. The team was active and engaged, especially the first half of this game,” Knoll said.

Brekyn Ratzlaff shot the ball extremely well (11/15) and led the team with 28 points in three-quarters of play. Grayson Ratzlaff added 9 points, and Jake Thiessen shot 100% and scored eight points.

Knoll said, “I am proud of the team for earning this preseason championship. We beat two really good teams and handled ourselves well vs. a short-handed Lyons team.”

Coming— The Trojans will play next on Friday, Dec. 17 at Southeast of Saline.

Hillsboro girls won the Moundridge Preseason Tournament.

Girls basketball: The Trojan girls beat Inman 57-35 on Tuesday.

“We opened up the Moundridge Tournament on Tuesday against Inman, we came out and did a great job defensively. We forced a lot of turnovers early which resulted in several layups, this helped us gain a nice lead. We became a little stagnant late 2nd and into the 3rd quarter, but then began to pick up the defensive intensity again in the 4th,” said Coach Nathan Hiebert.

Savannah Shahan lead in scoring and was aggressive all night attacking the basket.

“She has a great jump shot but also has the size to attack inside,” said Hiebert.

Zaylee Werth and Emersyn Funk both lead in steals and rebounds.

“Emersyn provided a nice spark in the 4th quarter. She is a very hard worker and her second-chance points in the 4th were huge. Zaylee continues to do a lot for us in every category, scoring, assists, rebounds and steals. She affects the game on both ends of the floor,” Hiebert said. “It was great to get our first win. I felt like it helped reaffirm some of our defensive principles and it was good to see our execution on offense.”

The girls went on to defeat Moundridge on Thursday in their second game of the tournament with a final score of 49-25.

“We played Moundridge on Thursday. I was interested to see how our girls would respond since Moundridge was the team that beat us last year in the substate finals. We both graduated several players but also returned several key contributors. I was very proud of the girls’ performance,” said Hiebert.

Moundridge came out strong and Hillsboro struggled early on.

Hiebert said, “We had some broken assignments and we also struggled some against their zone during the first quarter.”

But during the 2nd quarter, the girls picked up the defensive pressure and really began to frustrate Moundridge.

“We showed some great patience against their zone and started exposing a lot of gaps. With that patience we were able to get some great outside looks, Sammie Saunders got a couple of nice threes. And we were able to get to the basket several times,” Hiebert said. “We had four players that were at or around 10 points. Savannah, Sammie, Reese and Zaylee. This balanced scoring is fantastic, it makes other teams have to respect everyone that is on the floor.”

Reese Hefley and Werth did a great job defending their top two guards. Shahan and Funk did good work containing Moundridge’s top post player.

Werth once again led the Trojans in steals and assists.

“She does an awesome job getting her hands on the ball defensively and loves creating opportunities for her teammates,” said Hiebert.

The girls wrapped up the tournament beating Lyons 46-26.

“We finished out the week with Lyons. It was a full week and I knew this would test our conditioning, with three games in four days,” said Hiebert.

Hiebert explained that Lyons tried to speed up the tempo and create a lot of havoc.

“We struggled at times with their pressure, we turned it over a lot, the most so far out of any of our games,” said Hiebert. “The nice part is that we continued to play solid defense, we forced a lot of turnovers and really limited their looks on offense. Savannah did an awesome job exploiting the middle of their zone. She had another big game scoring over 20 again.”

While Hiebert felt like they played a little tired, he also felt like the girls battled through that fatigue and continued to push the lead.

“I also am proud that we didn’t drop our head and continued to defend well the whole game,” he said.

Coming— The Trojans will play next on Friday, Dec. 17 at Southeast of Saline.

HHS senior wrestler Tristan Rathbone pinned four opponents in under a minute in the Railer Round Robin and went on to win the Championship 14-4 on points in the 170 weight class division.


Wrestling: The Trojans did well at the Ellis Railer Round Robin Tournament on Friday, Dec. 10. The team took 6th out of 11 teams.

This tournament gave our wrestlers a great opportunity to compete in several tough matches in one day. It also gave us a good measuring stick of where we are and helped identify things we need to focus on here as we wrap up the pre-Christmas part of our schedule. Overall, I thought we got pretty solid performances from our core returners that had previous varsity experience, as most of them earned medals by placing in the top four. Our younger wrestlers gain some valuable experience. Hopefully they learn from their mistakes and gain a better understanding of why we do some of the things we do in practice,” said Coach Scott O’Hare.

Some of the highlights were:

  •  Anthony Fickes (weight class 120) placed 3rd — Round 1 – Eastin Redetzke (Hoisington) 4-2 won by fall over Anthony Fickes (Hillsboro) 1-3 (Fall 1:09); Round 2 – Mason Younger (Ellis) 6-0 won by fall over Anthony Fickes (Hillsboro) 1-3 (Fall 2:28)
  • Garrett Helmer (weight class 153) placed 3rd—Round 1 – Garrett Helmer (Hillsboro) 6-1 won by fall over Colby Johnson (Cimarron) 2-5 (Fall 1:41); Round 2 – Garrett Helmer (Hillsboro) 6-1 won by fall over Bradley Eldridge (Council Grove) 7-7 (Fall 1:24); Round 3 – Garrett Helmer (Hillsboro) 6-1 won by fall over Kaiden Bliss (Trego) 1-8 (Fall 1:48); Championship Bracket – Zeke Haag (Ellis) 6-3 won by decision over Garrett Helmer (Hillsboro) 6-1 (Dec 5-0); 3rd Place Match – Garrett Helmer (Hillsboro) 6-1 won by decision over Colby Johnson (Cimarron) 2-5 (Dec 9-2)
  • Eli Dalke (weight class 160) placed 6th—Round 1 – Zachery Harmon (Cimarron) 1-3 won by fall over Eli Dalke (Hillsboro) 1-3 (Fall 4:48); Round 2 – Eli Dalke (Hillsboro) 1-3 received a bye () (Bye); Round 3 – Eli Dalke (Hillsboro) 1-3 won by fall over Matthew Hafliger (Trego) 3-4 (Fall 3:14); Round 5 – George Crawford (Ellis) 8-0 won by fall over Eli Dalke (Hillsboro) 1-3 (Fall 1:51); 5th Place Match – Eli Greene (Cimarron) 6-3 won by major decision over Eli Dalke (Hillsboro) 1-3 (MD 14-2)
  • Tristan Rathbone (weight class 170) placed 1st —Round 1 – Tristan Rathbone (Hillsboro) 7-0 won by fall over James Kriegh (Trego) 3-2 (Fall 0:50); Round 2 – Tristan Rathbone (Hillsboro) 7-0 won by fall over Lucas Dinkel (Ellis) 1-5 (Fall 0:32); Round 4 – Tristan Rathbone (Hillsboro) 7-0 won by fall over Alex Sefried (Cimarron) 3-2 (Fall 0:46); Round 5 – Tristan Rathbone (Hillsboro) 7-0 won by fall over Austin Bragewitz (Council Grove) 7-7 (Fall 0:38); 1st Place Match – Tristan Rathbone (Hillsboro) 7-0 won by major decision over Tate Kadel (Beloit) 3-1 (MD 14-5)
  • Filow Cruz (weight class 182) placed 5th—Round 1 – Filow Cruz (Hillsboro) 3-3 won by fall over Aidan Crow (Cimarron) 1-4 (Fall 2:52); Round 2 – Colton Raile (St. Francis) 2-5 won by fall over Filow Cruz (Hillsboro) 3-3 (Fall 1:01); Round 3 – Ace Monihen (Council Grove) 13-2 won by fall over Filow Cruz (Hillsboro) 3-3 (Fall 1:04); Consolation Bracket – Filow Cruz (Hillsboro) 3-3 received a bye () (Bye); 5th Place Match – Filow Cruz (Hillsboro) 3-3 won by fall over Aidan Crow (Cimarron) 1-4 (Fall 1:54)
  • Lane Rogers (weight class 195) placed 3rd—Round 1 – Cale Younger (Ellis) 5-3 won by fall over Lane Rogers (Hillsboro) 5-2 (Fall 1:37); Round 2 – Lane Rogers (Hillsboro) 5-2 won by fall over Andrew Bogner (Cimarron) 4-4 (Fall 3:46); Round 3 – Lane Rogers (Hillsboro) 5-2 won by injury default over Braydon Stevenson (Hoisington) 4-6 (Inj. 0:00); Championship Bracket – Holden Ziegler (Council Grove) 13-1 won by fall over Lane Rogers (Hillsboro) 5-2 (Fall 1:52);3rd Place Match – Lane Rogers (Hillsboro) 5-2 won by major decision over Garrett Emigh (Oberlin-Decatur Community) 2-5 (MD 9-0)
  • Deon Weeks (weight class 220) placed 4th—Round 1 – Deon Weeks (Hillsboro) 2-4 won by fall over Layne Johnson (Cimarron) 0-3 (Fall 4:45); Round 2 – Deon Weeks (Hillsboro) 2-4 received a bye () (Bye); Round 3 – Braden Burks (Beloit) 5-0 won by fall over Deon Weeks (Hillsboro) 2-4 (Fall 1:14); Championship Bracket – Logan Philbern (Hoisington) 7-2 won by fall over Deon Weeks (Hillsboro) 2-4 (Fall 0:36); 3rd Place Match – Asher Navarro (Cimarron) 3-2 won by fall over Deon Weeks (Hillsboro) 2-4 (Fall 3:10)

Individually, we thought Lane Rogers wrestled a pretty solid tournament. His extensive experience in the varsity lineup over the past couple of years is starting to show, and he continues to improve tremendously. Hopefully placing in this early season tournament will also provide him with a boost of confidence,” said O’Hare.

Aside from a tough semifinal loss, Helmer was pretty dominant in the rest of his matches.

He is honestly on the verge of breaking out big. We just need to shore up a few things and get him more comfortable wrestling through certain situations,” O’Hare said.

Rathbone was very dominant en route to winning the 170 lb championship match. He pinned his first four opponents, all in fifty seconds or less.

O’Hare said, “In the finals, we anticipated his biggest challenge to date as his opponent is a two-time 3-2-1A State placer and currently ranked third in the state. Rathbone jumped out early and never looked back, controlling the match and eventually winning by a 14-5 major decision. His efforts earned him Hillsboro Wrestler of the Week honors.”

Coming— The team will hold their Marion County Dual Tournament at home on Friday, Dec. 17.

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