The importance of immunizing your fur babies

Many residents in Marion County would say that they love their pets. In fact, social media is often filled with countless posts over which pet is the best with the argument typically being between cat and dog.

Yet, for whatever reason, numerous pet owners fail to see the importance of immunizing their pets.

For some it is the cost or just the effort it takes to get the pet in and have it done.

And sometimes it is just not knowing and understanding how important it is.

So why do cities across the state of Kansas require proof of Rabies vaccination when registering your pet with them?

Jessica Winter, the head veterinarian at the Hillsboro Veterinarian Clinic, talks about Rabies and how humans can contract them from unvaccinated animals.

This is a common question that I see in response to so many advertisements around the time of the year that cities start advertising for pet registrations. According to the CDC’s Rabies fact sheet, ‘if a person does not receive appropriate medical care after an exposure, human rabies is almost always fatal,” said Winter. “Yes, as adults we know not to touch the sick looking dog or cat or wild animal, but children are curious! There is NO TREATMENT for rabies and even IF your child would tell you that the scratch on their arm was from the mean kitty next door the human post-exposure vaccination is not 100 percent.”

Winter states that the very best prevention for Rabies is vaccinating the animals that we and our children of the community will come into contact with.

Brendan Kraus, of Spur Ridge Vet Hospital in Marion, agrees and mentions how avoidable so many diseases and expenses can be if people simply immunize their pets.

“I think the bottom line is that some of the things that we vaccinate for are very common and the pets are very likely to encounter them. Certainly, Parvo is common and deadly and expensive and really hard on a pet and that’s mostly a disease on a puppy under a year. We see that all the time,” said Kraus. “Everyone has seen the kittens with crusty eyes and sneezes. Vaccination would help with that, but a lot of people don’t vaccinate their farm cats so those viruses just continue to propagate even though it is an easy way to just vaccinate and stop that. A lot of the vaccinations last three years. We only vaccinate for rabies three years now. We do one that has a lot in a three-year shot and it is very affordable.”

Both veterinarians suggest calling your veterinarians to see what your pet needs.

“It is all very standard and easy. It’s not like each animal needs a special formula made up for them,” said Kraus.

There are three main veterinarians available in Marion who can all get your animals in for vaccinations the same day or the next day.

Animal Health Care of Marion Co, Inc. is located at 119 South Coble Street in Marion. The number is 620-382-8800. They have a website and Facebook and are open M-F, 8-5:30 p.m. and Sat – 9-12.

Spur Ridge Vet Hospital is located at 901 Industrial in Marion and is open M-F 8- 5 p.m. and Sat, 8-12 p.m. They can be reached through Facebook and their website and their number is 620-381-2100.

Hillsboro Animal Clinic is open M-F 8-5 p.m. and Sat 8-12 p.m. Their number is 620-947-3993. They have Facebook and a website as well.