Tips for handling the stress of the holidays

The holidays are with us again and along with them come joys, challenges and stresses. My question for you is: How are you handling it?

There are financial issues, family issues, giving and receiving gifts and traveling. This can be positive or negative stress. How we handle stress can impact our health.

I would recommend that you try to simplify and take care of yourself during the season. That means filling your own emotional cup as you continue to fill everyone else?s emotional cup. Don?t let your cup drain dry.

Here are a few tips:

1. Get together with a friend. Social supports are important.

2. Work on developing your spiritual life. Attend a place of worship.

3. Meditate and pray.

4. Exercise

5. Get proper nutrition

6. Do some deep breathing. Use deep diaphragmatic breathing several times a day. Take three deep, full breaths. Breathe in through your nose, hold it for six seconds and breathe out through your mouth.

7. Listen to music that relaxes you.

8. Get plenty of rest.

9. Talk to family members and significant others and come up with ideas of how to simplify the holiday demands. Pace yourself and try to do as much ahead of time as possible.

Developing these skills for a lifetime can help every year when the holidays come around. I wish you a blessed holiday filled with love, peace and contentment.

Joyce Kyle, a licensed specialist clinical social worker, is one of six therapists at Client Centered Counseling in McPherson. She can be reached at 620-241-2300.

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