Tampa?s Duggan participates in Silver Haired Legislature

Tom Duggan of Tampa participated in the 28th annual Kansas Silver Haired Legisla?ture as a delegate from Marion County.

The organization, established by the Kansas Legis?lature, consists of people 60 and older elected to develop bills and resolutions of interest to seniors and their families.

This year?s legislature considered and recommended legislation pertaining to:

? providing for courts to determine the custody of grandchildren if the child is residing with grandparents in a stable relationship and it is in the child?s best interest.

? elimination of sales tax exemptions for organizations that do not provide services or benefits on a statewide basis.

? amended the Kansas Constitution to provide for term limits for Kansas representatives and senators.

? enactment of legislation to require newly manufactured multi-passenger vehicles to be equipped with seat belts for all passengers.

?The activities of the Kansas Silver Haired Legislature have evolved into an important Senior Advocacy force in Kansas,? said Jim Snyder, Shawnee County delegate and speaker of the legislature. ?We strive to speak for Kansas seniors of all needs and purposes.?

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