Keep your fitness resolution strong throughout the year

Some of the most popular resolutions with each new year are to get fit, get in shape and lose weight. Though plenty of people jump into new programs in pursuit of those goals, many aren?t able to stay fit, in shape and keep the weight off.

The rich foods and drinks of the holiday season leave us all feeling a little bit uncomfortable, which is another factor that sends people to gyms and to stores in search of workout videos.

After that point, though, a plethora of complications can arise and sabotage those good intentions. It?s hard to get motivated, going to the gym takes time many people don?t have, workout DVDs don?t meet individual needs, it can be intimidating to go to a public gym and on and on.

And when these issues start piling up, people stop seeing results, which is enough for them to give up entirely.

Avoiding those pitfalls might seem impossible, but there are some solutions that can really help you follow through on your resolution and make it last all year long. If you can stick with your fitness goals this year, it?ll be a resolution that you won?t have to come back to next year.

? Head to the Web.

You already shop, connect with friends and keep up on the events of the world on the Internet, and now it?s an ideal tool for getting in shape.

There is quite a lot of information to wade through, and some sites stand apart for being well-designed and truly effective.

The free exercise Web site (Wexer is short for ?World of Exercise?) is a resource for a wide variety of specialized exercise videos.

A unique option is that you can customize what videos are recommended for you by filling out a self-assessment that takes into account your current physical condition, your exercise experience, goals and other factors.

? Don?t waste time?or money.

With work, kids, friends and family, our days are already full. Taking the time to go to a gym can be a real strain on your schedule. You can cut out much of that time wastage by working out from the convenience of your own home.

Don?t get muddled in workouts that aren?t right for you, though. Buying DVDs to use at home is a minefield, and an expensive one at that. How many times have you spent $20 on a DVD only to find that the exercises aren?t right for you?

Free exercise programs on Web sites like will help you focus on your specific needs, goals and abilities?and you can even choose the duration of the workouts, so you?ll stay on schedule.

? Social support

One of the characteristics of most failed plans to get fit is a lack of motivation. With no one to back you up, it?s easy to let things slide?to the point where you?re not even working out anymore.

We?re all connected more than ever these days, and that can easily translate to a support system for your workout goals. brings in social media functions, like synching with Facebook, Twitter and Web-based e-mail programs, as well as the ability to connect with other people who are using the site to get fit.

You can challenge friends, family or colleagues and help keep each other on track, or if you?re going it alone, you?ll get follow up e-mails and alerts that correspond to your fitness, weight loss or exercise frequency goals.

If you can take control of your workout goals by making them fit your schedule and finding good support, your goal to get fit and stay fit throughout the year is more attainable than ever.

For more information about how to stay on track and to get started with your own unique workout program, go to

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