Help is available for anxiety

Every human feels anxiety on occasion; it is a part of life. All of us know what it is like to feel worry, nervousness, fear and concern. We feel nervous when we have to give a speech or go for a job interview. We know it?s normal to feel a surge of fear.

Most of us are able to manage these kinds of anxious feelings fairly well and are able to carry on with our lives without much difficulty. These feelings don?t disrupt our lives.

But millions of people suffer from devastating and constant anxiety that severely affects their lives, sometimes resulting in living in highly restricted ways. These people experience panic attacks, phobias, extreme shyness, obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors.

The feeling of anxiety is a constant and dominating force that disrupts their lives to the point where they may be unable to leave their home, go to work, drive, or visit the grocery store.

There are different types of anxiety disorders and they usually affect a person?s behavior, thoughts, feelings and physical sensations. The most common anxiety disorders include the following: social anxiety or social phobia; panic disorder; generalized anxiety disorder; phobia; obsessive-compulsive disorder; post-traumatic stress disorder; and agoraphobia.

Most people who suffer from anxiety disorders begin to feel better when they receive the proper treatment.

A treatment plan must be specifically designed for each individual by a mental health professional. Treatment options may be a combination of cognitive therapy, behavior therapy, relaxation training and medication.

The treatment depends on the severity and length of the problem.

Help is available if needed.


Joyce Kyle is a licensed specialist clinical social worker from Hillsboro and one of four therapists at Client Centered Coun?seling located at 105 E. Kansas in McPherson. You can reach her at 620-241-2300.

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