Stress a contributor to bad eating habits

When stressed, often we turn to comfort foods to make us ?feel better.? But those foods aren?t always the most nutritious.


Every year, more than 95 million Americans suffer from at least one digestive health issue. Many of these issues may be brought on by increased stress and poor diet choices.

Stress is a part of everyone?s life, but with the current state of the economy and rocky job market, many are feeling the pressure more than ever.

When we are stressed, often we turn to comfort foods, as they can make us ?feel better.? But those foods aren?t always the most nutritious.

While these poor diet choices might tame hunger and make you feel good in the short-term, overall they may be doing more damage than good to the digestive system.

Beyond this, when times are tight, many families have to make tough choices about costs and the food they buy. This may result in purchasing less-expensive, less-nutritious options for their family.

?No one wants to be dealing with uncomfortable health issues on top of the added stress families are faced with these days,? says gastroenterologist Cynthia Yoshida. ?Fortunately, most digestive problems, like occasional constipation, are easily treatable.?

It?s important to remember that not all healthy food is expensive. Fruits, vegetables, lean meats and beans can be the basics of some great meals.

Also, make sure that you and your family members are drinking plenty of fluids.

When dealing with added stress, go for a walk or get some additional exercise, as that may help you to relax, reduce tummy troubles and promote regularity.

?When you are suffering from occasional constipation you can also try over-the-counter remedies,? Yoshida said.

Such products naturally balances the water in your digestive system to restore your body's natural rhythm without uncomfortable side effects some other laxatives can cause, she said.

When times are tough, it?s important to make smart nutrition choices and manage your stress as the first steps to maintaining your overall health.

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