Palin has raised Down syndrome profile

Republican vice presidential nominee Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska recently gave birth to a son with Down syndrome.

?A lot of people have said, when I heard about (Sarah Palin), I thought about you,? said Kimberlee Jost, Hillsboro mother of a child with Down syndrome.

Palin?s recent national exposure has put a spotlight on Down syndrome.

?I think a lot of people want to know how we feel about Palin perhaps, but maybe haven?t asked about it,? said Bruce Jost, father of a child with Down syndrome.

The Josts said that if they vote a McCain/Palin ticket in November, their decision won?t be based solely on Palin?s experience with Down syndrome.

?Bruce and I are like everybody else,? Kimberlee said. ?We only know what they?re saying on TV.

?I?ll speak for myself,? she added. ?I don?t think any parent that has a child with Down syndrome should vote for her just because she is a parent with a child that has Down syndrome.

?Of course, we?ve taken notice to what she?s saying about it. We love that her son is bringing more awareness about Down syndrome to the country. As far as legislation goes, who knows how much power one person can have.? ?Malinda Just

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