Family wins big by losing

MartinBefore.jpg MartinAfter.jpg

Testimonies continue to surface about the life-changing impact of the area ?Biggest Loser? weight-reduction contest this spring. Hillsboro resident Cathy Martin and three of her siblings agreed to focus on weight loss prior to their planned reunion on Memorial Day weekend. The ?before? photo (left) of the foursome includes Martin (seated, right) with her sister Anne Morgan of California, and their brothers Frank Martin of Maryland and Don Martin of Missouri. Cathy Martin participated in the local program while her three siblings pursued other weight-loss regimens. The siblings shed a total of 362 pounds by Memorial Day and posed for the ?after? photo below. According to Cathy, their lifestyle changes influenced other family members, as wives, children and grandchildren changed their health habits. Her daughter, Melissa, finished among the top 20 losers in the local contest. In total, the entire family lost 635 pounds. Cathy Martin said she hopes their story will inspire others to participate in Phase II of the Biggest Loser, which started last week. ?It isn?t winning the contest (prize) money that matters, it?s winning by being healthier, having more energy to enjoy life and knowing that you did change your lifestyle rather than just dieting to win a contest,? she said. ?Everyone who participated and stuck it out won.?

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