Biggest Loser weighing in for third round of the fight

The winners of the competition are not determined solely by how much weight is lost, but on the person?s ?fit factor number.? The fit factor number is determined by taking the percentage of weight loss and adding the percentage of fat loss. This formula helps people that gain muscle and lose fat, but their success doesn?t show up on the scale since muscle weighs more than fat.

?This doesn?t penalize the people who are getting healthier,? Rziha said.

Participants are required to step on the scale three times: at the initial weigh-in, at two months and at the final weigh-in at four months. At each weigh-in participants receive exercise and diet tips. This year participants who make it to the final weigh-in will receive a duffel bag as a reward for completing the program.

Meanwhile, Woods is conducting additional fitness classes this year to better address all ages and abilities. These include a variety of evening exercise classes and opportunity to workout with others in the community rather than on their own.

Woods said the competition has been good for the community and touched a need.

?People will stop me in the grocery store and ask, ?Hey, are you doing Biggest Loser again this year??? Woods said.

At the premiere edition last January, 169 people showed up for the first weigh-in. Rziha said she was surprised because she had only prepared for about 30 people and had to keep making more copies of the handouts.

Out of the 169 people who began, 66 people reported to the final weigh-in.

Prior to the first weigh-in opportunity on Mon?day, about 60 people had signed up for this year?s competition.

The cost to participate is $25, which covers the three weigh-ins and analysis.

Each participant is weighed on the body composition analyzer that calculates numerous data including body mass index, body fat percentage and total body fat mass.

?It gives you what your home scale doesn?t show,? Rziha said.

If participants want to weigh in and analyze their composition more often, the cost of each additional weigh in is $5.

People who were unable to make it to the first weigh-in on Jan. 5 and 7 can still participate by calling Greenhaw Pharmacy to make an weigh-in appointment.