You may face common legal issues you haven’t thought of

For most law-abiding Americans, legal assistance may not be a service you think you could need at a moment’s notice. While you may think of legal assistance in connection with a criminal offense, most of the legal work done in America is for people facing much more ordinary circumstances.

You may not realize it, but most Americans will have a legal need at some point in their lives. In fact, seven out of 10 Americans said they experienced a legal event within the past year, according to a recent survey conducted by ARAG, a legal solutions provider.

If having a legal plan in place seems unnecessary, consider the following instances where you may need legal assistance:

• Wills and estate planning. Planning for your own death isn’t always the most pleasant thought, but it’s a necessary part of life for all of us, as well as perhaps the most common legal need for Americans. Yet most people don’t have a will.

• Power of attorney. If you were unable to care for yourself or make financial decisions on your own, a power of attorney document would delegate those duties to a person you trusted.

• Contractor settlements. Have you ever paid for work done on your home only to find it defective or incomplete? Legal services could be helpful to prevent or resolve these types of disputes and get the homeowner the proper restitution.

• Identity theft. In an increasingly complex world, consumer fraud and identity theft happen even to those who take all the precautions to protect themselves. If you ever find yourself in this situation, you may need legal assistance to help you recoup what was stolen and protect your good name.

• Property disputes. Whether you’re an owner or a renter, there are all types of issues, such as property damage that could arise that may require a legal solution.

Given these examples, it’s easy to see how you might find yourself in a situation where legal assistance could be necessary. But have you ever thought about where you would go to get legal help?

One option is to enroll in a legal plan, which offers convenient access to a nationwide network of attorneys and legal resources when a legal need occurs. These types of plans, which are offered by providers like ARAG, a global leader of legal insurance, give members the peace of mind knowing that they’ll have immediate access to professional services and resources when a legal need arises.

Legal plans can often cost less than a roadside assistance membership and are usually offered through employers or organizations, although some options are also available to individuals.

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Many times in life, we don’t think about the worst that could happen until it’s too late. Preparing yourself ahead of time for everyday legal issues you may have to deal with can help you avoid a desperate situation.

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