Prof issues social media challenge

Tabor College students attending the opening academic convocation Aug. 25 were encouraged to consider the pros and cons of social media as they begin a new school year.

Carisa Funk, winner of the Clarence R. Hiebert Excellence in Teaching Award this spring, challenged students to enjoy life in the moment.

?Are you actually present in your life, or do you ever think about how to translate what it is you are experiencing into 140 characters or less?? Funk said. ?I don?t think it?s unusual for us to be thinking in status updates, but I do think it robs us of being present if we aren?t aware of it.?

Funk reminded the students about why they come to Tabor: to receive a quality education.

?You have a great opportunity in front of you which is the opportunity to learn,? she said. ?What I?ve discovered is that learning isn?t passive. We aren?t just receivers of information.

?In order to really learn, we need to take that information in, process it, and do something with it. All of those things involve effort. Don?t pass up this opportunity in front of you to learn.?

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