How to fix that sticking door

Nearly everyone has experienced a sticking door that just will not close properly. This problem may become more noticeable when temperatures rise and humidity contributes to the swelling of wood doors and frames.

According to The Family Handyman, a home improvement resource, the standard remedy for alleviating a sticking door is to remove the door and pare down the edges that are rubbing so that the door will once again swing freely. While this can solve the problem, it can be a hassle, as it requires refinishing the pared-down edge and rehanging the door. Try these shortcuts first before creating more work than might be necessary.

• Identify the problem area and rub it with a dry bar of soap. This should reduce friction and allow the door to close more easily.

• Remove humidity with a dehumidifier or by running an air conditioning unit.

• Check for loose hinges or sagging around the hinge. Tighten the fasteners to sure up the door and create better alignment.

• Spray the hinges with lubricant if you suspect sticking is originating because of squeaky hinges.

• Look for obstructions at the bottom of the door. Is the door dragging on carpeting or being caught on something on the floor? It may be a matter of simply clearing away the obstruction.

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