Tips for a healthy car going into this Spring

With warmer weather finally here, many are doing some spring cleaning in their homes and yards. But don’t forget about your car.

“Make sure you go through a car wash that sprays the underside of your car. Run it through a couple of times to get that road salt and grime off. Clean in the cracks of the doors too and clear out all the places it settles because that is what causes corrosion,” said Arlie Overton.

Overton and his wife Gina have owned and operated Arlie’s Collison Specialists, LLC in Marion for 16 years. Their son Alan works with them. Their business focuses on body damages on vehicles.

Kim Kaufman, service manager at Hillsboro Ford, agreed.

“With the weather turning nicer, a thorough wash job is a good idea to remove grime that has built up during the winter,” said Kaufman. “I would recommend keeping your car up year round so it is always ready to go. Mostly keeping up on oil changes and regular maintenance. If you’re not a do-it-yourself person, have a trusted mechanic that can check out your car regularly or if you notice something that might be unusual.”

Hillsboro Ford does both body work and works on engine and all parts of the car.

Both places gave additional safety advice for the outside of vehicles.

“We always tell people to hold onto their doors in spring when the wind grabs the door and causes damage. We see it all the time,” said Overton. “Try to figure out which way the wind is blowing and park with that in mind.”

Kaufman suggest checking tires with a handy tip.

“By inserting a penny into the tire tread with the top of Lincoln’s head toward the center of the wheel one can check to see of tires need to be replaced. If the top of Lincoln’s head is not covered up by the tread, the tires probably need to be replaced,” said Kaufman.

Another important but easy fix is to check the wiper blade, especially with the spring rains that come.

Kaufman said, “They can be replaced rather inexpensively to restore good vision and avoid a more expensive accident.”

Remember to also check and make sure that all lights and turn signals are working.

These tips can help keep you and your car safe.

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