KDOT reminder: Political signs outlawed along highway right of way

With the 2016 election season heating up, the Kansas Depart?ment of Transporta?tion has issued a reminder to the public that political signs cannot be placed on highway right of way.

By law, all right of way on state highways is to be used exclusively for public highway purposes. Only regulatory, guide signs and warning signs are allowed on the state highway system.

KDOT has jurisdiction over all interstate, Kansas and U.S. routes on the state?s 9,500-mile system.

The public should be aware that all political campaign signs or billboards are prohibited on the state right of way.

A KDOT release stated that when maintenance crews find political or business advertising on state right of way, the signs will be removed immediately without notice.

All such signs will then be taken to the closest KDOT subarea office where they can be picked up by the owner with the agreement they will not be placed on state right of way again.

All political campaign signs not picked up will be disposed of after the election.

Political campaign advertising is allowed on private property bordering state right of way. However, people erecting signs on private property must first obtain permission from the property owner.

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