How to plan for a safe and fun road trip this summer

Summer is the perfect time to hit the road and discover new back roads in your state or drive cross-country. A summer road trip is a great opportunity for those once-in-a-lifetime experiences and a great way to make memories with your friends and family.

A little planning and preparation will make your road trip even better. Here are some tips that can be essential to summer road trip success.

? Plan your route. One of the most exciting parts of a summer road trip is the planning stage. By getting everyone involved, you can ensure that everyone gets to visit the stops they want to see along the way.

The most important part of planning your summer road trip is mapping out your route. Numerous online resources can help you plan your pit stops along the way.

If you?re looking to see places off the beaten path, try one of the scenic byways listed on or if you like to visit more oddball attractions, try

State tourism Web sites are also a great place to find summer road trip ideas and most offer online tools to help you plan your trip.

? Book reservations for your accommodations. If you?re not able to stay with friends and family along your route, it is recommended you make hotel or campground reservations in advance.

Also, research what each company?s policy is for late check-ins or canceled reservations in case you get delayed by weather or road construction.

? Perform maintenance on your vehicle. Have your vehicle, RV or travel trailer well inspected and serviced before you leave. Check fluid levels, belts, fans, hoses, filters, tires and brakes. Make sure your spare tire is usable, and if you’ll be traveling over a lot of rough, gravel roads consider taking along more than one spare tire.

? Pack the vehicle for safety and fun. While a summer road trip can be a lot of fun, there will also be times when being in the vehicle for several hours together could get tiresome.

To ensure everyone stays in good spirits, pack a few items for entertainment and travel-friendly snacks like pretzels, animal crackers, raisins, cereal, fruit, granola bars and trail mix. Stop at grocery stores along the way and stock up on bottled drinks, sandwich supplies and ice.

? Keep trip expenses in check. Fuel for your vehicle will be one of your biggest expenses during your summer road trip, but there are a few things you can do to reduce costs.

You could bring one or more friends or family members with you and split the cost of the fuel or visit to find the lowest fuel prices available in each area you visit.

You can even get prices sent to your iPhone or other mobile device as you travel.

If you are driving a pickup on your big summer adventure, you can see immediate gas mileage improvement by installing a truck bed cover on your pickup. A truck bed cover, also known as a tonneau cover, will reduce drag, making your vehicle more aerodynamic at high speeds.

One affordable and high-quality option is the Access Roll-Up Cover, manufactured by Agri-Cover Inc., a North Dakota truck accessory company. Made of heavy-duty, double coated vinyl, the roll-up cover installs quickly and easily with a clamp-on installation and is designed specifically to fit your truck.

Since the roll-up cover is lockable, it will also protect your gear while traveling. When not in use, the cover can be rolled up behind the cab and never has to be removed when hauling larger items or a travel trailer.

By making these preparations ahead of time, you?ll ensure that your unforgettable adventure won?t be ruined by setbacks along the way.

For more information on the Access Roll-Up Cover and to find out how much gas money you could save on your next summer road trip, visit or call 888-309-0643.

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