Weibert talks to Hillsboro Elementary School students

Hillsboro students in Maura Wiebe?s fourth grade class were visited Jan. 4 by Wade Weibert, who returned to his hometown to talk about his experiences on and off the football field.

Students asked Weibert questions about his Dec. 30 trip to the Pinstripe Bowl at Yankee Stadium, where he and fellow Kansas State University teammates took on Syracuse.

Weibert, the Wildcats? senior center, was asked questions ranging from how tall he was and how much he weighed to what was his favorite childhood movie and his future plans.

At 6-foot-4 and slightly over 300 pounds, Weibert said the ?Home Alone? series were his favorite movies as a child.

One student asked him if he lifted weights in fourth grade.

?No, I didn?t lift until much later,? he said.

In response to one student?s question about who Weibert?s arch-nemisis was, he said it was the KU?football team, but no one person in particular.

?I don?t like Nebraska much either,? he said.

As for his future plans, Weibert wants to try for the National Football League.

?A pro day is coming up and I guess I will see where it takes me,? he said.

During the afternoon session, HES principal Evan Yoder talked about Weibert?s middle and high school years.

?Wade will tell you he was a good athlete, not super, but he tried hard in high school,? Yoder said. ?When he got to Butler Community College, his goals came to fruition.?

Yoder said Weibert was ?extremely coachable, polite and respectful? to all teachers.

?That?s why he became a spokesman (and was chosen to speak at media events),? he said.

Several students wanted to know how many states Weibert visited.

?I have been in all the states touching Kansas,? he said, ?and also Texas, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina and New York.?

Wiebe said Weibert stayed the entire day and talked to students in third grade, all fourth and fifth grade reading classes and ate lunch with the top three goal-reachers at HES. Before leaving, Weibert took time to sign autographs.

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